Dynamic Racing Stables/QMR

  • After 8 months, I am returning to Equus. I have a lot to get ready before I start truly being active again, such as getting all my active/retired horses sorted out, but I am returning to continue my racing Thoroughbred lines. I haven't decided what I am going to do with my other horses yet, but that is in the works.

    For now, what I know for sure is I will only be working with Thoroughbreds on a regular basis. That is where my heart has always been and the reason I am coming back. I've really missed them. That being said, I want to reintroduce my racing stable called Dynamic Racing Stables. It is where all of my active racers will be residing. Once retired, they will be moved to my original stable, Quiet Meadows Ranch. I have not decided if I will continue the QMR prefix or change it to DRS.

    I will update you further very soon! <3

    I almost forgot to add my website! It is outdated in terms of stats and who is currently active, but is a great place to see possible future breeders as I know that several will be available soon!

  • I have updated DRS website so if anyone is interested in seeing who will be up for breeding soon, you can. I will be moving profiles over to QMRlegacy.weebly.com soon, where you can also seen my other available horses. Many of my older TBs have been retired from breeding as well. They will enjoy their days in the pastures, living a life if leisure.

    I'm not able to do any photo posts yet, bc I am on my new laptop and all my sims stuff is on my old one. No worries, it still works, its just slow! So I am working on moving pics over so I can post and I will play on the old one. :)

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