[ON HOLD] Dutch WB Show Jumping Stallion

  • I'm new to the community and have always been a part of Equus Sims so I'm looking to start making money in the sims community and I have this beautiful stallion for sale that I've just never gotten hooked on enough to keep him around. He is five years old, has a few offspring to other equus sims members (I can try to get all the names if you wish). Very hyper and loves to work, not for little kids!! I would only suggest an advanced rider for him, as he is young and needs a little help here and there. He has a LOT of potential to be a very nice eventing horse since he has lots of endurance or could go the opposite way to be a driving partner. Basically a finish-your-way horse, very sought after!! Color is buckskin. More info can be given upon request.

    ORF Zonnegod (Sun god in Dutch)
    STARTING PRICE: $12,000

    alt text
    alt text

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