♦Yeguada Xantre♦ [CDE]

  • Initially, the stud was created to breed Menorquin horses but sometime later we included some breeds such as PRE, Hannoverian, Thorughbreds or Friesian horses, so now we are focused in our PRE breeding programm. We work with well built horses with elegant movements and a good conformation. Our original PRE bloodlines were mixed with caethusian horses from Yeguada de la Campana and other studs such as the Yeguada del Impío, until we got our own conformation.

    Our horses are bred in semi-liberty until they are 3 years old. The broodmares live in semi-liberty with their foals and they have a minimun training in case they are sold in the future. Our competition mares are trained in dressage following the same process as our stallions. These mares are selected when they are 3 years old taking into acount their results on morphologic shows. Our horses don't compete at high dressage levels until they are 6 years old.

  • ARS Totilas

    alt text

    7 years old KPWN stallion based on the real Totilas, he will join our dressage team next to our PRE horses. The picture has a little to no edition, only eye has been edited.

  • It is beautiful! I fell in love! :heart_eyes:

  • Thanks Anzhelika! ^^
    Due to computer issues I have been inactive for more than 3 months, so recently I got a new one and I installed the game again and took tons of pictures of my baroque horses. The first one I edited is this picture of Encantador de la Campana bred by Valeria de la Torre, I think it turned out amazing :)
    alt text
    Small version here

  • wow, love the detail on the bridle and reins. Definitely turned out amazing :)

  • Totilas <3

  • Amazing?! It's absolutely gorgeous!! :heart_eyes: im in love with this horse... just beautiful!! And that edit!! Good lord everything about it is amazing!

  • That braid is just :heart: :heart:

  • Wowsa! The bridle, the reins and that braid!? Amazing edit, girl! :heart_eyes:

  • So happy you liked it! :D

    Here is Mosquetero III de la Campana, another Carthusian bought from Valeria, on a photoshoot we had several weeks ago with our horses^^ Mosquetero was recently registered and will start his dressage career soon :)
    0_1495885154667_Screenshot-187 copia.png

  • OH MY GOD What a gorgeous stallion

  • Oh wow your horses are just gorgeous! :heart: You did an amazing job creating Totilas, I can't wait to see more pictures from you. :smile:

  • @Nina-Ricchi Thank you nina! :D
    @Zinnia-Arvi Thanks! Glad you like him :)

    It has been a long time since I haven't posted any update of YI Indiano IV del Impío, I could say more than a year xD. But here is he! He got a coat update since it was quite old and needed some new datail markings and dapples for his sooty buckskin coat. He has been competing in Dressage and Halter shows, he has got 7 point in each discipline, although he will be retired from Halter when he has around 30-40 points and will continue his career as dressage horse. Ignore that awful tail please xD*
    alt text

  • Competition Committee

    Stunning! Love all those dapples.

  • 0_1495989130230_2a5fbedeb923c282578680549fb83378.jpg

    Love your horses! Especially the last one, beautiful horse omg :heart_eyes: :heart:

  • @Maize-Winters Ikr! Love dapple markings :)
    @Malin-Støvreide thank you! :smile:

  • Finally after lots of months I am going to show you one of my main stallions that for some reason I never edited a picture of him, but I have some unedited ones from him, like this one, I had it on my screeshots folder for ages and today I decided to edit it. This is not a new horse, he has been a very active horse in Dressage shows since last summer. So he has been on the stud for quite a lot time, this is Furioso X de Xantre, a 6 yo Andalusian stallion.
    alt text

  • Furioso is a beautiful stallion! <3

  • He's gorgeous!

  • Your horses are soo pretty !! :heart_eyes:

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