Covenstead's First Gypsy Vanner Auction [Ended]

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    Covenstead is proud to present it's very first open to the public auction of some of our dear and treasured Gypsy Vanners.
    Here at Covenstead, Vanners are our lifeblood. Our pride, and our joy. We love this breed not only for the amazing color and unique patterns they can present, but also for their sweet, easy going temperament. Vanner's love being with people and want to please.
    The Gypsy Vanner, though rather round and husky looking are a rather athletic breed, they are smart and willing learn. Their calm and their brains make them a great candidate for many number of disciplines. Such as Driving, English, Western, and even Jumping.
    Here at Covenstead we train our Vanners in Dressage but the horses we present below are young, and easily trained, and have the potential to go into and discipline that their new owner chooses to train them for. Each is beautiful, and flashy in it's own way. Sure to catch the eye in any arena.

    :eight_spoked_asterisk: Rules :eight_spoked_asterisk:
    No Mass Uploading
    All horses come with custom markings, they may not be used on any other horse
    Do not use the coat or conformation as the base for any other horses
    Shine and detail markings may be adjusted without permission
    Mane, and tail styles may me changed
    Horses can be any age the new owner wishes
    Gender is not to be changed, though stallions may be gelded
    If you choose to sale the horse, please let me know as I may be willing to buy the horse back.
    All horses will come with a Main Site profile but registration is up to you
    Horses are to be registered with my Creator ID# 524

    The Horses


    alt text
    Mooncast is a palomino DW mare
    Alternate Picture| CAP 1|CAP 2


    alt text
    Dieseal is a Red Dun Tobiano, Stallion
    Alternate Picture| CAP 1| CAP 2

    0_1494657222289_Thunder Spell.png

    alt text
    Thunder Spell is a Grullo Tobiano Stallion
    Alternate Picture|CAP 1| CAP 2


    alt text
    Effigy is a Black Tobiano, Stallion
    Alternate Picture|CAP 1| CAP 2

    Starting Bid on All horses: $8,000

    Auction Rules

    Minimum Bid Increase: $500
    Maximum Bid Increase: $10,000
    There is no Autobuy
    Include your favorite gemstone along with your starting bid so that I know all rules were read

    This auction has a set end date, 5/20/2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time, but if any horse receives a bid on the 20th of May, that horse will then extend over into a 24 hr after last bid auction.
    Pictures are unedited, but Reshade is in use

    Highest Bidders

    CS Mooncast: Andrea Burdine $13,000 SOLD
    CS Dieseal: Yu-mi Shimizu $9,000 SOLD
    CS Thunder Spell: Cole Tieman $10,000 SOLD
    CS Effigy: Kassidi Coy Lutz $20,000 SOLD

  • Administrators

    CS Effigy - SB


  • CS Effigy - $9,000


  • PR Committee

    CS Mooncast - SB
    CS Thunder Spell - SB


  • CS Dieseal - SB


  • Administrators

    CS Effigy - 12k

  • Thank you all so much for bidding, all bids accepted up to this point and the main post has been updated

  • PR Committee

    Thunder spell $8,500

    Ruby cause my birthday.

  • CS Effigy - $15k


  • Bids accepted!

  • I had the end date messed up here on the thread, so I just corrected it. This Auction will end tomorrow, at midnight my time, I am adding in a counter now so that is easier.

    alt text

    Sorry about that guys!

  • CS Mooncast 8500
    CS Diesel 8500


  • PR Committee

    Mooncast 10k

  • Administrators

    CS Effigy - 20k

  • Thunder Spell - $10,000

  • Mooncast - 12k

    Sapphire 😍

  • All bids accepted! Thank you so much! Main post has been updated.

    CS Diesel and CS Effigy will be sold in 13hrs if they receive no more bids before the countdown ends.

    CS Thunder Spell and CS Mooncast as they received a bid today on the 20th have now been carried over to 24hrs after last bid.

    Thank you so much guys <3

  • PR Committee

    CS Diesel $9,000

    Sometimes emeralds. But mostly ruby.

  • PR Committee

    Mooncast 13k

  • Bids accepted!
    Just a few more hours and CS Mooncast and CS Dieseal will be sold!

    CS Thunder Spell is going home with @Cole-Tieman
    and CS Effigy will be going home with @Kassidi-Coy-Lutz

    Thank you everyone for bidding!

  • Auction has ended and thank you to everyone that participated!
    CS Dieseal has been sold to @Yu-Mi-Shimizu for $9,000
    and CS Mooncast has been sold to @Andrea-Burdine for $13,000

    please send payment and these sweet babies will be shipped over to your places as soon as possible

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