Not able to create horses with prefix

  • Hello all ~ So I have kind of small issue, that makes it impossible to create horses. I made one pony already and wanted to make more. Every time I try, it tells me to pick unique name. Made tens of attempts, with prefix, won't let me do anything. However, it made pon without prefix. What is wrong?

  • When the site gives you that error I believe it means that another horse already has that name. But, dont' fear! Just create the profiles with wacky names and then go back and edit them. You don't get the error when you edit an already existing horse.

  • Okay. succeded to make 2 more horses but I am not able to create one particular horse, whatever I write in his name. :/

  • what name are you trying?

  • Try using another name for the horse's barn name, even if it's just a jumble of letters :D you can change it after you create the horse

  • Ali Nord mead/ Ali Wine

    I also can't create horse that was born in january 2016 .-.

  • Usually it's the Barn name that is holding things up. When creating a horse, use the same name in the Barn Name as you do in the Show Name. For example... Say the show name is Matilda REC and you want the barn name to be Matilda but the site wont let you use Matilda so in the barn name section, put Matilda REC just like the show name.

    Then, when the horse is created, you can go back and edit the barn name to be what you want it to be.

  • thanks everyone for help

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