[Open] Virden Farms Breeding Season | Traditional and BIY

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    Virden Farms would like to present our 2017 breeding season and 7 studs to go with it that compete in a variety of disciplines. Please note that the images on their website profiles are out of date due to the HD mod used at the time and are in the process of being updated. The images on this thread are the most up-to-date representation of how these stallions look in-game with the addition of ReShade. All points listed reflect the current Leaderboard totals and the stud fees for each horse are calculated at $100 per point.


    • No mass uploading.
    • Only minor conformation tweaks are allowed (such as with the eyes if you use different ones). If you do want to change something more then just let me know. (Traditional)
    • No editing the coat except in the case of shines. No using the coat for a different horse except for offspring. (Traditional)
    • If you want me to create the foal then please use VDF as at least part of the prefix. If it's a BIY then feel free to use only your own.
    • I don't mind if you sell the foal, but please let me know first. It's not a requirement, but I may want to buy the foal from you. (Yes, I will pay)
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    VDF Iron Rebel is one of our first and most successful racers who has managed to climb the ranks all the way to GI. He'll soon be retired from racing and we'll move him on to Show Jumping or Eventing where we hope he'll be just as successful.

    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Total Points: 200 in Flat Racing
    Bonuses Given: +5 in Flat Racing
    Price: $20,000
    alt text

    Zinnabar is probably one of our older racers who is just about to be retired and is also facing a career shift. We decided to pull him out of retirement for a short time, just enough to see him rise in the ranks and pass on even more of his gifts to his foals.

    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Total Points: 193 in Flat Racing
    Bonuses Given: +4 in Flat Racing
    Price: $19,000 (Will rise in price once he reaches 200 pts)

    alt text

    Silver Storm is one of our first Eventing stallions, and he's certainly one we're proud of. Even at the young age of 10 years old he's quickly rising through the ranks.

    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Total Points: 151 in Eventing
    Bonuses Given: +4 in Eventing
    Price: $15,000
    alt text

    This boy is one of our horses that will offer quite the benefit to his foals along with a possibly quirky personality. He's not nearing retirement yet, so his foals may even benefit from his continued competition.

    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Total Points: 140 in Eventing, 56 in Show Jumping
    Bonuses Given: +3 in Eventing, +2 in Show Jumping
    Price: $15,500
    alt text

    Charon's Coin is a horse that's made a real turnaround for us. He was a bit of a slow starter, but as he's grown older and more experienced he has continued to place in shows. He's already sired two foals and we plan to continue to compete with him. He's made us very proud.

    Breed: Irish Sport Horse
    Total Points: 143 in Eventing
    Bonuses Given: +3 in Eventing
    Awards: Supreme Stallion in the WBA Grading competition.
    Price: $14,300

    Show Jumping
    alt text

    Meadows of Heaven is a robust boy who's already sired one foal and is well on his way to rising in the ranks in Show Jumping. His son has also had some success in the Show Jumping arena as well so at least we know he's a proven sire.

    Breed: Wielkopolski
    Total Points: 175 in Show Jumping
    Bonuses Given: +4 in Show Jumping
    Price: $17,500
    alt text

    Agrippa is one of our younger studs at the moment, but he's definitely been a bit of a star for us. We originally purchased him from Rosalie Clarke, but those long legs of his have helped him sail over those jumps.

    Breed: Dutch Warmblood
    Total Points: 104 in Show Jumping
    Bonuses Given: +3 in Show Jumping
    Price: $10,000

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