Missing breed: Felin Pony

  • Sources
    https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuc_feliński (only in polish ;/)
    http://stara.pzhk.pl/docs/pol_ksiega_kucow.pdf (stud book, polish only)

    Felin Pony
    Breed of riding pony, bred by workers of University of Life Sciences in Lublin. Name comes from name of ranch, where first horses of breed came from. branded with letters kf on left thigh (??).
    The breed has very short history. Started in 1973 with foundation mare called Gracja. The idea was to create pony useful in riding with sport potential.
    In 2010 breed counted over 800 horses.
    Felin pony is all purpose mount with abilities to do sport. It is miniature malopolski horse. Has fine body and active gaits. is temperamented but gentle.
    Average height is 125-136, but due to short time of existence of breed, all horses between 117-148 are accepted. All colours accepted.
    Genetics & what is it made from
    The pony was breed from those breeds, and why

    Konik - fertility, adaptation to harsh winter and immunity to dieseases (dun gene)
    Hucul - strength, endurance, strong back, adaptation to polish harsh winter (tobiano gene)
    Arabian horse - fine body, pretty moves, square-conformation
    malopolski - beauty, all-purpose mount, easy keeper, adapted to harsh winter (appaloosa and tobiano patterns)
    shetland pony - short size, easy keeper
    welsh pony - tempered, but gentle, all-rounder, pretty (cream gene).

    Possible outcrosses
    At least one parent must be kf, the other parent may be

    • arabian
    • malopolski
    • konik
    • welsh pony
    • haflinger
    • connemara
    • new forest
    • fjord
    • or cross (welsh x arabian for example)

    Useful pony
    Felin pony can compete in sport but is also strong enough to be doing light draft work. Some horses do hipotherapy.

    Fragment of stud book translated:
    There are few populations in breed, their purpose is to

    • Creating pony useful for children and adults is sport, recreation and hipotherapy
    • pony that can be used for draft work
    • keeping gentle character
    • lively personality
    • sport-horse traits for children's sport
      Wanted traits
    • good moves, jumping ability, fine looks - for sport type ponies
    • strength and endurance for draft type ponies
    • short size for compation ponies
    • good conformation and keeping type for existing horses

    Breeding programme in 1995

    • 62 stallions and 205 mares of 110, or shorter and their outcrosses
    • 76 stallions i 105 mares of local ponies and outcrosses

    Breeding programme in 2002

    • 91 stallions and 187 mares of shetland origin, shorter than 110,
    • 14 stallions and 13 mares of fjord breed
    • 80 stallions i 201 mares of local ponies taller than 110,
    • 47 stallions and 70 mares of felin pony
    • 33 stallions and 85 mares (foundation)

    Few succesfull ponies
    Alka, showjumping mare
    Fokus-Pokus, stud
    Glauka, good broodmare
    Gracjan, local polish champion in pony showjumping (group A)
    King Size, one of the best studs in breed
    Karotka, one of the best spot mares, imported to Finland

    Accepted colours
    Base - chestnut, bay, seal brown, wild bay, black
    Modifiers - cream, dun, sooty, flaxen
    white markings - tobiano
    gray - yes
    appaloosa - yes
    Accepted outcrosses - look in possible outcrosses

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