YouTube channels?

  • Curious to see if any of you make videos!

    I'm xPaintTheSkyx on YouTube! I'm so sad that the community has started to shrink a bit... But here's my channel! Ive been creating videos since 2008 on YouTube , god it's been that long... 😂 I have lots planned this summer filming wise with my girlfriend so there will be lots of videos up soon if you feel like checking us out.

    I own a Paint x Thoroughbred gelding named Paint The Sky "Duke." We don't compete or anything right now, my health has kind of been a wreck for the past few years but I've been doing better so I'm hoping that's in our feature!

    I'm excited to see who else is on here!! Don't be shy please!

  • Oooh, i've been waiting for this topic to be made. xD I have 2 channels but I only use one to post videos on now and I uploaded a new video a few days ago. I haven't been uploading videos for long but trying to make up for it.. My current editing program is being a butt so I can't do much without my sound going off at a certain point.. I've never fully edited a video but want to someday. My channel is called SweetiePieHeather.

    I own a American Quarter Horse X Appaloosa stallion named Comet.. but he does have an unofficial show name which I gave him a long time ago and it is "Cupid's Love Story". ❤

  • Well you already know me Remi hahaha. But for everyone else my channel is :) I have 2 horses that i compete and ride. Archie a grey warmblood connemeara cross and Marco a chestnut hanoverian.

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