Name change

  • A while ago I bought a horse. I was told by the previous owner that I should submit a name (prefix) change for him, so I did.

    Months down the road and now I'm having issues with entering him in shows...
    When I bought him his primary discipline was Show Jumping and he'd already earned some points in it. I switched SJ to his secondary and made Eventing his primary. I've had no issue entering him in Eventing shows under his NEW/updated name, but when I enter him in SJ shows, it will only recognize his old name.

    Is there something that I'm missing? Or should I just resubmit the name change form?

  • Administrators

    Wander over to the same change form post you found the name change form at and look for the lookup tool. You can plug his ID in there and it'll tell you what disciplines he's registered in. If it doesn't all look normal, DM me his ID. It's possible the horse is registered twice and this is causing problems.

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