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  • Hey EC,

    I'm looking for some top notch Selle Français to buy/full lease-to-buy/BIY. I'm looking for mares and stallions with no color preference. I'm wanting 2nd gen or higher but I will still look if they have discipline points. At the moment I'm buying more than one horse! I'm looking for eventers only. I am interested in BIY, and if that is the case then I would be interested in acceptable outcrosses (such as most warmblood breeds, Thoroughbreds, and Anglo Arabians) as well as long as you could bring the Selle Français. You can contact me via Slack, forum chat, or the comments below.

    Thanks guys!

  • Hey! If you are interested in a BIY, I have a SF mare currently competing in eventing. She has 52 points (2 bonus points) and eight years. THEC Inca Gold #21118

    If you want to raise the foal, I offer you this mare with one of these stallions, which could be the father:

    Santa's Little Helper vH [Thoroughbred stallion, 59 eventing points (2 bonus)
    Callaway's Avec le Destin [Finnish Warmblood stallion, 41 eventing points (1 bonus)]

    I have more stallions competing in eventing, but it is their second discipline. I also have an SF stallion, but he competes in Show Jumping.

  • @Irene-Crownguard Thanks! Sent you a DM. :smile:

    I'm still looking for more Selles!

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