creating tag?

  • Hi! I was wondering how we can create a tag for our posts. I saw the classical tags like Warmblood, Dressage etc., but I also saw tags like Lindens and LMEC.
    I'd love to create a tag with my prefix but I dunno how to do it.
    Could you help me?
    Thanks in advice :slight_smile:

  • If I don't remember wrong it's an field on the bottom of creating an new topic and I think that the reply/text screen needs to be full not 100% sure but it's placed at the bottom when creating an new topic/thread :)

  • Administrators

    Just type it in the tag field when you make a new post and it will become a tag automatically

  • Yeah I tried but it removes the tag of my prefix directly.
    But I'll give another try, thank you both!

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