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  • Welcome to Skogstallen

    Hello everyone! It's me haha, I'm finally done with what I want! Iv'e been working for so long and I'm so happy with it :heart: I hope you guys like it too!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Sadly I don't own this stable, the owner is Sander Løvik, but I work here and I'm making sure to update about our stable and training horses, Sometimes I have riding lessons but not often haha, Also I will update tomorrow! It's a very special day here in Norway at 17. May, It's our National Day :heart:

  • Ahhh beautiful stable :heart: Can't wait to see more :3

  • @Malin-Støvreide Thank youu!

  • What a stunning peaceful looking place, awesome barn!

  • @Kira-Simpson Thank you so much!

  • Lovely barn :)

  • @Kira-Simpson Thank you <3

  • beautiful barn i want to see inside barn

  • @Nina-Ricchi The inside will come soon in the future ;)

  • 17. May

    I think I woke up six o'clock in the morning just to get ready so I could take some photos and get Snøfnugg ready for the borgertog in our little town, I almost didn't have time for breakfast :o I had to eat when I arrived to the stable heheh xD But I'm very busy so I gotta go now but have a great day everyone! Gratulerer med dagen Norge! :heart:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Also a big welcome to IFS Dark Magic aka Darkie from Stacie Fuchs on Equus Sims, he is such a good boy and we are so glad to have him! Everyone loves him :smile:
    alt text

  • Til deg og <3 :flag_no: Beautiful photos tho :blush:

  • @Malin-Støvreide :heart: :heart: Thank you :blush:

  • A new horse

    So today Sander thought he should sell Crunchy, I don't really understand why? He is such a good boy! I thought I maybe had to try so I have a chance to get him because we have known each other for years! I have no clue about what Snøfnugg my fjord will think of it but I need Crunchy to stay! I just thought why not try? So I got to the paddock and he came to me with this beautiful trot? Ahahah
    alt text
    I don't know why? Maybe he should try dressage one day? xD But I got him inside and started to brush him, it just felt like he was mine! After that I took a ride with him, I was thinking if I had time to have 2 horses, I thought about buying Torbjørn a Dolehorse but Sander got him before heh, not bad at all, I train him a lot! And we are good friends, but its something else when we talk about Crunchy! I have known him for 12 years! Since he was born! I need him!
    alt text

  • PR Committee

    A little late, but that barn looks so nice and inviting. I hope you'll share interior pictures with us soon :)

  • I really like that last picture :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you! :D

  • @Callixta-Rosella Ahh thanks! I don't know if we will keep this place because I never get done, I'll see in the future :) Might be I'll keep this place!

  • That Summer Feeling

    Woah! It feels like summer! It's so hot! ( At least for us Norwegians xD) 22C - 26C before Summer! Great job Norway! Keep it like this :O ! Since it is so sunny I thought to go for a ride with Snøfnugg :) The first one is an old picture but my phone died hehe. Also we are planning on moving in the future even though I never got to update so much about this stable If you want to see some pictures of different places here just tell me because It's probably gonna take some time to move all the way to Vestfold, But here is some pictures!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    And I forgot to tell that Crunchy is mine! Some more information will come soon :slight_smile:

  • Pretty photos :heart_eyes: can't wait to see more!

  • @Effie-Phoenix I will try to post as much as I can until we move so you guys can see the whole stable! :blush:

  • I love that riding picture!

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