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  • ISO somebody who has facility building skills that they can offer me, or has an already existing facility that they'd like to sell or modify to fit these needs. I don't care either way, I'm just FINALLY looking for a nice place to move my horses to!

    I don't want anything hugely fancy. I'd like it to be unfurnished. I'm looking for...

    • 15-20 stalls.
    • An attached indoor arena (doesn't need to be huge).
    • A small/cozy viewing room attached to the indoor arena.
    • Tack room.
    • Grain room.
    • Upstairs hay loft (doesn't need to be huge).
    • At least a few crosstie areas.
    • A couple of wash stalls.
    • An outdoor arena (doesn't need to be huge).
    • A roundpen area.
    • Small apartment attached to the barn. Needs only the basics -- 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living & dining areas, laundry room.

    I have some more specific details & "inspiration" photographs I'll give to whoever can do this for me.
    Either comment here or DM me -- I'll definitely need to see examples... I really want this to be done just right! I've been wanting it for so long!
    I'm mainly looking for a quote right now & for somebody who meets my needs and will have availability to do this during this month...

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