✽Kirrawae Park Equestrian - For as much as I love the summertime, I love the winter too ✽

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    Two!! Two of them!! Wow!!

    Also, when living in perpetual-summer-time Hawaii, seeing winter pictures are always such a nice change of pace, no matter the time of year.

  • stunning horse and lovely editing!

  • i feel like it's been forever since i saw a picture from you! (i suck at keeping up with all the blogs)
    i miss winter. I can't stand the summer and we had 35°C (95F) over the last few weeks and i'm dying

    I looove this picture and the horse! You've outdone yourself with the editing and the overall atmosphere. ❤❤

  • @Regina-Walker She is a cutie isn't she!
    @Lauren-Goldtree Thankyou Lauren! I'm totally in love with her <3
    @Dimitri-Dane Hahahah two for the price of one! if you haven't already gathered, I LERVE this mare! Well I'm sat here in my warm dressing gown as it pours down with rain outside! Its absolutely freezing here (for Australia anyway). Im always so out of wack when it comes to the equus seasons hahaha but im glad everyone who is currently in summer can still vibe a good winter pick :joy:
    @Jade-Nguyen Thankyou Jade!
    @Maria-Jones No it definitely has been forever! I've been a little MIA lately with my masters at university and all! See I'm more of a summer person just because its easier to keep the horses in work but it can often get over 43°C here which is just insane! I think if I didn't ride I would love winter :snowflake:
    and thankyou soooooo much, I really like how this picture turned out! <3

  • Neeve if I had room I'd have a stable full of your STUNNERS!!

  • Competition Committee


    You know I love your horses and pics though......but seriously, I'm getting close to having to get the defibrillator out for myself after that picture......:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Naw Lidija, you are too sweet! If you ever find more room in your stables let me know ;)
    @Chloe-Dunbar Hahahahah Chloe! Don't die on me! I can always count on you to love on my edits, if not you who else will!! <3

  • @Neeve-Kalford
    Omg so realistic! I need an laptop and sims hahaha. So beautifull!

  • @Angie-Renov Thankyou so much, that means so much to me! Ive never really been great at editing, but i was maybe a little proud of this one! Thankyou!

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