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    Here are three of my stunning mares at the Sunberry Horse show! It was a lovely girls day out in the warm sunshine filled with lots of happy moments and placings! It was great to see a range of Kirrawae horses out competing with each other. We tried to choose a variety of horses from our most recent homebreds and imports to our very first Kirrawae mare.
    DPPR Artemis
    Our beautiful girl Artemis was the highest placed of the day placing 3rd. This stunning girl was purchased from Luke Teth as a youngster and is now competing at CCI* level eventing with 135 points. She is a very laid back mare and was a pleasure to take out.
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    KPE River Dancer
    River is one of our most recent homebred dressage prospects and is doing phenomenally. At only 5 years old she already has 117 points and is competing at Fourth Level Dressage. She is the first foal by our lovely stallion WP Rockwood and out of HRST First Dance. We absolutely adore this mare with her outstanding intelligence, eagerness to please and natural talent this mare is going places fast! River has also just welcomed her first filly to the world via embryo transfer and we are just so excited for the future! River placed 4th in her conformation class and we are just so proud of her.
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    KPE Quetaana
    Que is Kirrawae Parks foundation mare that embodies all that our stable is built upon. This stunning mare is my personal heart horse after being partners for almost 14 years. Que has been with us since a yearling and we have always shared a special bond. Our golden lady is now 15 years old and is still competing Grand Prix Showjumping. She currently has 274 points and will most likely retire after she hits her 300 milestone. She has already produced a top quality stallion for us (KPE/RFE Quasi Gold) and we hope to retain a filly from her at some point. Que placed 5th in her class, not bad for an old girl!
    1_1533433601385_que confo show2.jpg

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    Wow, they are all so beautiful! Quetaana looks so strong! :heart_eyes:

  • KPE Quetaana she just amazing i love this coat

  • Wow! All horses are very beautiful :heart_eyes:

  • So jealous of your horses, they are stunning!!

  • Walks in. :eyes: stuffs everything into the trailer. Ok bye.

    Seriously though, your horses are so stunning and you editing is just amazing and on point! <3

  • Oh my! they are all stunning!

  • @Hilda-Wilson Thankyou! She is a big chunky girl!

    @Nina-Ricchi Thankyou! She is my special girl!

    @Zatanna-Westerlund Thankyou! <3

    @Lindsay-Wish Aw thankyou lovely :)

    @Shea-Hamilton Come back with my horses!
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    Thankyou so much gorgeous <3

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thankyou so much! Im so lucky

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    Born 4/16 (10 years old) | 100 points in dressage | Third Level |
    KPE Animagus x Duval's Zendaya | 16.3 hh (170 cm)
    -> Kirrawae Park proudly offers for sale our beautiful stallion KPE Armenio. This wonderfully bred boy recently returned to us from @Ellory-Clarke and has really blossomed into a well rounded dressage mount. KPE Armenio is currently competing at third level and has 100 points. He receives +12 bonus points in this discipline. He is a pleasure to have around and is a real dude. Really just a giant pony in body and in mind, you can do literally anything with this boy and all he cares about is food. He will easily make his way up the grades now and will make competitive Grand Prix mount in the future.
    Auction Thread
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  • Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here! I'm completing my masters at the moment at university and together with all my horses that i have in work (in real life) I don't seem to have any time for sims! Will hopefully have a small update soon and will be back when my first semester finishes in about a months time. Hope everyone is well
    Neeve xx

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