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    Date Description
    25th Jan 2017 Introduction
    26th Jan 2017 Horse Profiles
    27th Jan 2017 Facilities
    31st Jan 2017 Staff
    31st Jan2017 Dressage schooling
    16th Feb 2017 Foals - Vanity and Azur
    24th Feb 2017 First colt of the season KPE Vehlahni
    24th April 2017 Bling Du Rouet Showjumping Entry
    15th June 2017 New Profiles for Showjumping team & new horses!
    20th June 2017 Dressage team and new arrivals
    29th June 2017 Eventers and new arrivals
    30th July 2017 Cassiago Showjumping
    4th August 2017 Victory For KPE Crumble
    11th September 2017 September Young Stock Sale
    Kirrawae Park is an established performance and breeding stable specialised in producing and competing top quality Warmbloods, with Swedish and KWPN being our focus. Here at Kirrawae Park, we take pride in everything that we do. From the care of our horses, breeding our mares,stallion management and training the of youngstock and performance horses, to the presentation of the horses and stud and the quality of pasture, all areas of the stud business are important.We are quite a large stud, sitting on 200 acres of lush, fertile land previously used for dairy farming.

    We have fantastic facilities here at Kirrawae, they include:
    ♘ Two outdoor arenas (Showjumping & dressage)
    ♘Four stable complexes
    ♘ Large indoor arena
    ♘Multiple round yards and day yards
    ♘Car, truck and float covered parking area
    ♘ Acres of beautiful fenced land for turnout of horses

    We currently have a full team of staff here at Kirrawae Park including 9 trainers over the 3 English disciplines, 21 professional riders and many grooms and stable hands. Our horses here are very well looked after and we pride ourselves in catering for each horse’s individuality. We currently have a strong team of performance horses competing in the three English disciplines and many successful KPE youngsters competing in their new homes. We would like to welcome you to our scrapbook where you can share our special moments with us and invite you to visit our website HERE
    ID Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam Title
    15577 KPE Cassiago Swedish Warmblood Stallion Grey (black) Cornado NRW April Love Zh Regional Champion
    15578 KPE Dear Dineke Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay All Star Five Wernike Z Regional Champion
    15759 KPE Quetaana Swedish Warmblood Mare Buckskin Legrande Quantro Regional Champion
    16323 KPE Dominica Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay Indoctro Okina Field Regional champion
    19732 KPE Casenza Swedish Warmblood Mare Grey (bay) KPE Cassiago KPE Dominica Local Champion
    24343 KPE Bling Du Rouet Knabstrupper (Sportshorse) Stallion Bay Blanket Appaloosa Balou Du Rouet Sartors Spectre -
    24344 KPE Cladestein KWPN Stallion Bay Casall ASK Bleu Local Champion
    24364 KPE Tutatango KWPN Mare Bay Tobiano Utah Van Erpekom Tenahi -
    24515 RDEC Vandalist KWPN Stallion Black RDEC Gottecourt RDEC Voccardieu Local Champion
    24917 KPE Clermont Swedish Warmblood Mare Grey (black) KPE Cassiago KPE Dominica Local Champion
    25250 KPE Caratina Swedish Warmblood Mare Grey (black) KPE Cassiago KPE Dear Dineke -
    25326 Draconis Total Eclipse KWPN Mare Palomino DMS Eclipse RDEC Vaccanta -
    26418 KPE Crumble Swedish Warmblood Stallion Grey (bay) KPE Cassiago KPE Dominica -
    27739 RFE Quasi Gold Swedish Warmblood Stallion Buckskin VS Triton KPE Quetaana -
    26878 WEC Lourdes Hanoverian Mare Flaxen Chestnut) WEC Legato WEC Wildfire Local Champion
    25074 RP Prince Of Exhibition KWPN Stallion Grey (bay) NRR Show Stopper HRST Lucky Lucy Local Champion
    27962 KPE Vehlahni KWPN Stallion Grey (black)) RDEC Vandalist KPE Casenza -
    28096 Eretria's Dielectric KWPN Stallion Dark Bay High Voltage AW KPE Qutaana -
    ID Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam Title
    9320 Duval's Zendaya KWPN Mare Bay Rousseau V Regional champion Patoya
    10431 Triviant L KWPN Stallion Bay Olivi Diant Regional Champion
    15487 KPE Animagus KWPN Stallion Black Akzent Zonique L.E Regional Champion
    15758 KPE Indiana Art KWPN Mare Chestnut Tobiano Samber Lihlahni Local Champion
    16322 KPE Ghana KWPN Mare Bay Diamond Hit Cosmopolitan Regional Champion
    24344 KPE Amouranth KWPN Stallion Black Tobiano KPE Amoureux KPE Ghana Local Champion
    19733 KPE Eloquence German Riding Pony Mare Bay Nemax Arden Donella Local Champion
    19734 KPE Charmeur German Riding Pony Stallion Palomino FS Champion Deluxe Nannette Regional Champion
    19735 KPEMompellion German Riding Pony Stallion Grey (black) Dont Worry Be Happy Bellamont Local Champion
    21793 KPE Trivoli KWPN Stallion Bay Triviant L Duval's Zendaya Local Champion
    24640 KPE Matine KWPN Mare Grey (black) Silvermoon Matadie -
    23354 WP Highlite Australian Warmblood Mare Seal Bay Tovero WP Swhwarzgold LEC Fatal Beauty -
    25340 KPE Silver Six KWPN Stallion Silver Dapple Everdale Olympia II -
    26965 WP Rockwood KWPN Stallion Rose Grey (Chestnut) Duval's Rudimental Duval's La Belle -
    27019 KPE Valinsky Knabbstrupper Sporthorse Stallion Black Leopard Appaloosa RL Figaro KPE Destiny -
    27548 WPW Moros Arabian Stallion Grey Foundation Foundation -
    27552 WPW Thalia Arabian Mare Chestnut Foundation Foundation -
    27740 KPE Fibonacci KWPN Stallion Chestnut Roan DPS Im A Sailor Man KPE Indiana Art -
    28018 KPE Azur KWPN Mare Bay Tobiano KPE Amouranth Duval's Zendaya -
    28097 KPE Tevita KWPN Mare Black Triviant L KPE Solla Sullew -
    28459 KPE Coco Chanel German Riding Pony Mare Bay KPE Charmeur KPE Eloquence -
    29201 RFE Galanti KWPN Mare Bay RDEC Galladyn Duval's Kallima -
    ID Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam Title
    15949 KPE Vada Nova Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay Fines Berganza Regional Champion
    15950 KPE Pita Pan Swedish Warmblood Stallion Liver Chestnut Royal Hit Roxxane Regional Champion
    17216 Kingsman's Carina Swedish Warmblood Mare Buckskin Camilot Diana Local Champion
    24365 KPE Con Air KWPN Stallion Bay Contender Fair Lady ix -
    25339 KPE Hello Annie Swedish Warmblood Mare Chestnut Contendro Hermes I Local Champion
    25377 KPE Sicario Swedish Warmblood Stallion Minimal Sabino Flaxen Liver Chesnut KPE Pita Pan Sianara I Regional Champion
    26417 WP Pumpkin Parfait Australian Warmblood Mare Sabino Flaxen Chesnut WP Empressive WP Butterkist -
    18810 Freyja NC Swedish Warmblood Mare Buckskin Foundation Foundation State Champion
    27190 Zalika de Kerglenn KWPN Mare Grey Sirius de Kerglenn RDEC Zamba -
    27755 PCRA LimeLight KWPN Mare Bay RDEC Lavatin HRST Feuerdiamant -
    27884 THE Timekeeper KWPN Stallion Grey (black) MSE Wheels Of Time RDEC Sirrah -
    28095 Myotosis' Vanity Trakehner Mare Bay Tobiano Myosotis' Paintboy KPE Vada Nova -
    28398 KPE King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard KWPN Stallion Bay Tobiano PCRA Hercules Freyja NC -
    28399 DPPR Dom Dolla Swedish Warmblood Stallion Buckskin MSE Desperate Measures Kingsman's Carina -
    27884 THE Timekeeper KWPN Stallion Grey (black) MSE Wheels Of Time RDEC Sirrah -
    28843 DPPR Artemis Wielkopolski Mare Black Tobiano Argonaut NC MSE Wicked Witch -
    28956 KPE Helsinky Swedish Warmblood Stallion Buckskin Highcruiser L PCRA Limelight -
    28955 KPE Daquiri KWPN Stallion Dark Bay Woodford's Daquini Zalika De Kerglenn -
    28384 RME Soleil Danish Warmblood Mare Bay RME Surf 'N Passion Rohirirm's Iced Tea -



    KPE Cassiago | Stallion | Swedish Warmblood | 17.0hh
    Cornado NRW x Cassini x Ramiro Z

    KPE Quetaana | Mare | Swedish Warmblood | 17.0hh
    Legrande x Quintero la Silla x Quick Star
    KPE Dominca | Mare | Swedish Warmblood | 16.2hh
    Indoctro x Stakkato Gold x Landgraf I
    KPE Dear Dineke | Mare | Swedish Warmblood | 17.2hh
    All Star 5 x Contender x Grannus
    KPE Casenza | Mare | Swedish Warmblood | 16.3hh
    KPE Cassiago x Indoctro x Stakkato Gold
    KPE Clermont | Mare | Swedish Warmblood | 16.3hh
    KPE Cassiago x Indoctro x Stakkato Gold
    KPE Crumble | Stallion | Swedish Warmblood | 16.3hh
    KPE Cassiago x Indoctro x Stakkato Gold
    KPE Bling Du Rouet | Stallion | knabstupper Oldenburg | 16.1hh
    Balou Du Rouet x Sartors Showtime x Diamant De Semilly
    KPE Cladestein | Stallion | KWPN | 17.1hh
    Casall ASK x Chacco Blue x For Pleasure
    RDEC Vandalist | Stallion | KWPN | 16.1hh
    RDEC Gottecourt x Urion 907 x Choccolevo 35
    KPE Tutatango | Mare| KWPN | 16.3hh
    Utah Van Erpekom x Kannan x Aramis Z
    Draconis Total Eclipse | Mare| KWPN | 16.2hh
    DMS Eclipse x RDEC Trinidad x Urion 907

    -> Duval's Zendaya | Mare | KWPN | 16.2hh
    Rousseau x Whinny Jackson x Darwin

    KPE Animagus | Stallion | KWPN | 17.1hh
    Akzent x San Remo x Gribaldi
    KPE Indiana Art | Mare | KWPN | 16.3hh
    Samber x Liscoto x Donnerhall
    KPE Ghana | Mare | KWPN | 16.3hh
    Diamond Hit x Caprilli x Lauries
    KPE Amouranth | Stallion | KWPN | 16.3hh
    KPE Amoureux x Diamond Hit x Caprilli
    KPE Valinski | Stallion | Knabstrupper Sporthorse | 16.1hh
    RL Figaro x Desperados x Lord Sinclair
    Triviant L| Stallion | KWPN | 17.3hh
    Olivi x Saluut x Pastroccio XX
    KPE Trivoli| Stallion | KWPN | 17.1hh
    Triviant L x Rousseau V x Whinny Jackson
    WP Highlite | Mare | Australian Warmblood | 16.2hh
    WP Swhwarzgold x LEC Call Me Cassenova x DE Hudson
    KPE Silver Six | Stallion | KWPN | 16.3hh
    Everdale x Olympic Ferro x Londonderry
    0_1497517973949_SilverSix-Profile.png 0_1497517894173_SilverSix-Profile.png
    WP Rockwood | Stallion | KWPN | 16.2hh
    Duval's Rudimental x Foundation x Foundation
    KPE Eloquence | Mare | German Riding Pony| 14.2hh
    Nemax x Keneddy WE x Hikens Black Delight
    KPE Charmeur | Stallion | German Riding Pony| 14.2hh
    FS Champion Deluxe x Del Estero x Mandingo
    KPE Mompellion | Stallion | German Riding Pony| 14.2hh
    Dont Worry Be Happy x Monte Christo x Hattrik

    -> KPE Pita Pan | Stallion | Swedish warmblood | 16.2hh
    Royal Hit x Namelus R x Brilliant Invader

    KPE Vada Nova | Mare | Swedish warmblood | 16.0hh
    Fines x Quidams Rubin x Coupe De Coeur
    Kingsman's Carina | Mare | Swedish warmblood | 16.2hh
    Camilot x Foundation x Foundation
    KPE Con Air | Stallion | KWPN | 17.0hh
    Contender x Carolus I x Landgraf I
    KPE Hello Annie | Mare | KWPN | 16.2hh
    Contendro x Heraldik XX x Mytens XX
    KPE Sicario | Stallion | Swedish Swedish | 16.2hh
    KPE Pita Pan x NZB Campino x Master Frisky
    WP Pumpkin Parfait | Mare | Austalian Warmblood | 16.2hh
    WP Empressive x Foundation x Foundation

    Coming soon

    Coming soon

    So the horses are all settling in nicely to our new facilities, here's a few little snaps of some of the dressage team having a play. Zee is now regional champion and is competing at Grand Prix, she should soon be state champion @Jasmin-Mikaelson! Amouranth is now competing at third level and has the local champion title. His first foal should be arriving soon, an embryo transfer from zendaya! Should be a very special foal and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival. KPE Silver Six is one of the Newbies here, he is a striking silver dapple stallion by the famous sire Everdale and out of an Olympic Ferro mare (with his colour coming from his dam line). We are very excited to have Six here at Kirrawae and we cant wait to see the babies he produces once he establishes himself in the dressage world.

    We are also proud to announce that its that time of year again! We will be having another foal crop due very soon. We are expecting 6 foals that will be available for purchase with 3 KWPN, 2 Swedish Warmbloods and 1 German riding pony. Im wondering if everyone would prefer a sale or an auction? We are also considering selling 3 of our titled mares, as their progeny are being retained by Kirrawae. These are KPE Solla Sullew (swedish WB), KPE Hello Annie (Swedish WB), and KPW Eloquence (German Riding Pony). If anyone is interested in these mares message me on here or on slack with offers.



    Duvals Zendya and Maxxi Woods
    KPE Silver Six and Lucy Cambel
    KPE Amouranth and Clarke McClelland

  • :scream: God I love your editing! But man...

    Hahahaha I don't need more horses from you....

    Nope... I don't... Hah....

    Oh who am I kidding. I prefer sales but auctions are fun too! And those mares... :eyes:

  • @Luke-Teth hahahaha thankyou :heart:
    You can definitely never have to many hehehe


  • Amouranth :hearts:

  • @Selene-Boutsikaris He's definitely one of my favs :heart:

  • @Neeve-Kalford his coat is beautiful!

  • @Selene-Boutsikaris thankyou! <3

  • PR Committee

    I was eyeballing your sale earlier! All of them are gorgeous, unfortunately I can't afford any of them, but I'm sure you won't have any issues finding them homes! You have so many beautiful horses, but I think Pumpkin Parfait and Silver Six are among my favorites.

  • @Johanna-Masters You can always afford new horses :wink: :wink: :wink:
    Hahaha thankyou so much hahah i love them too!

  • So many gorgeous horses! :heart_eyes:

  • OMGosh what gorgeous pictures and horses! Amazing.

  • @Kayla-Albright @Siri-Kane Thankyou both <3

  • The dressage photos are beautiful! :D And you know well enough about the level of my interest but I've got too many horses xD

    Btw Casteli is now leveled to Level 8 which is 1,40m, isn't that awesome??? Will get training photos from her to show it off! She's so grown up!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thankyou! Hahahah i will tempt you somehow!
    Thats such great news! Shes done so well with you, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better home for her! Cant wait to see the pictures!

    The evening light filtered through the trees like sand through an hourglass. Everything was calm. The horses all stood quietly in their pastures, heads bowed finishing off their feeds. I'd been down with the two fillies all day, unable to tear myself away from their inquisitive charm. With all the horses fed and put away for the night, I made my way back down to the fillies pasture. As i crossed the field I could see the girls down in the front corner at the very from of the property. The two foster mares were grazing happily whilst the two fillies amused themselves.

    KPE Azur, the darker bay Tobiano, is our first foal by our fabulous dressage stallion KPE Amouranth and out of Duval's Zendaya. She is definitely her fathers little girl, inheriting not only his colouring but his kind and playful disposition. Myosotis´ Vanity, the lighter bay, is out of our eventing mare KPE Vada Nova and by the well known stallion Myosotis´ Paint boy. We are so excited to have a Paint boy filly here at Kirrawae and we have high hopes for her on the eventing scene. We cant thank @Robin-Clark enough, we adore her. She is already showing great potential, with plenty of speed and agility at only a week old.

    The two fillies bickered among themselves as I sat down infront of them. I found it so odd that the first two foals of the season were both bay tobiano fillies. I pulled my knees up to my chest to rest my chin and watched as the girls played. I couldn't wait for the other foals to start arriving.


    KPE Azur & Myosotis´ Vanity

  • ooohhh love baby <3

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