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    Wow, they are all so beautiful! Quetaana looks so strong! :heart_eyes:

  • KPE Quetaana she just amazing i love this coat

  • Wow! All horses are very beautiful :heart_eyes:

  • So jealous of your horses, they are stunning!!

  • Walks in. :eyes: stuffs everything into the trailer. Ok bye.

    Seriously though, your horses are so stunning and you editing is just amazing and on point! <3

  • Oh my! they are all stunning!

  • @Hilda-Wilson Thankyou! She is a big chunky girl!

    @Nina-Ricchi Thankyou! She is my special girl!

    @Zatanna-Westerlund Thankyou! <3

    @Lindsay-Wish Aw thankyou lovely :)

    @Shea-Hamilton Come back with my horses!
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    Thankyou so much gorgeous <3

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thankyou so much! Im so lucky

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    Born 4/16 (10 years old) | 100 points in dressage | Third Level |
    KPE Animagus x Duval's Zendaya | 16.3 hh (170 cm)
    -> Kirrawae Park proudly offers for sale our beautiful stallion KPE Armenio. This wonderfully bred boy recently returned to us from @Ellory-Clarke and has really blossomed into a well rounded dressage mount. KPE Armenio is currently competing at third level and has 100 points. He receives +12 bonus points in this discipline. He is a pleasure to have around and is a real dude. Really just a giant pony in body and in mind, you can do literally anything with this boy and all he cares about is food. He will easily make his way up the grades now and will make competitive Grand Prix mount in the future.
    Auction Thread
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  • Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here! I'm completing my masters at the moment at university and together with all my horses that i have in work (in real life) I don't seem to have any time for sims! Will hopefully have a small update soon and will be back when my first semester finishes in about a months time. Hope everyone is well
    Neeve xx

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  • SPOTS! :heart_eyes:

  • GASP! What a beauty!

  • Gosh how I love your horses!!

  • That horse's coat looks so detailed <3

  • OH my goodness, what a stunning stallion! I love the little detail about him removing rugs, really gives him some personality

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    Stunning :heart_eyes:

  • @Regina-Walker There are a few spotty ones hanging around the stables now!
    @Siri-Kane He is a special boy!
    @Lidija-Rotherford Thankyou Lidija! He'd look lovely in your stables ;)
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thanks lovely! I put a lot of time into his coat!
    @Marquis-Moulin Hahaha thankyou Marquis, all my horses have their own unique personalities!
    @Rena-Cort Thankyou <3

  • He is stunning <3

  • 0_1559703751756_fools-gold.png
    I am very pleased to introduce you to this stunning lady. We are so very lucky to have this special mare at our stable. She is out of our top dressage mare RFE Galanti who finished last season (i think it was last season) at the top of the leader board! Her wonderful sire is Hurricane L thanks to @Michelle-Frohman for giving us the opportunity to breed one of only 2 public foals by Hurricane L! Hurricane is paternal half brother to our stunning stallion KPE Helsinki, making Jack his (half) niece. This is where Jack gets her fabulous sooty buckskin coat from! Jack's name (Jack River) evolved after the song 'fools gold' by the artist Jack River played in our stables soon after her arriving, the name just stuck! We plan to focus Jack River on her dressage career with a little eventing on the side to keep her brain busy. She is one of the most stunning mares I have ever seen and I cant thank @Dimitri-Dane enough for this fabulous girl. Jack River was part of Dimitri's Christmas Dimports and honestly he couldn't have made her more perfect, she's just what we asked for! She has quickly become one of my favourites and I will be taking the ride on her! Jack River is very gelding like in terms of her temperament in many regards, she is never 'marey' and really just goes with the flow (for the most part). She has lots of little adorable quirks to keep us all entertained around the stable. She adores the radio or just music in general. At the end of the day when the sound system in the stables is turned of, the quiet of night was shattered by the pounding of hooves upon stall walls. We came to realise who the culprit was and now Jack River has her own little system that continues to play in her stall softly through the night. Jack River also loves bananas, mouth scratches and her little stuffed toy Giraffe! We will have to get some photos of her she is actually hilarious! We cant wait for the future with this girl and we hope you enjoy staring at her as much as we do!

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    Under a dove grey sky the colours of my world don their winter coats, each hue darker and richer than before. The path sparkles and crunches, like sugar underfoot, and the coolness brings me right into the now, into the moment of life. Though the flowers sleep and the trees show their lofty arms once more, a smile plays upon these cold lips. For as much as I love the summertime, I love the winter too. For every perfume of the meadow, there is the earthy loam of the newly-lit forest floor.

    Snow dances in the light, a choreographed ballet conducted by the gentle wind. Birds fly silently in the distance, rising and falling with the steady breeze. My breath gathers in visible puffs to join the darkened grey sky and I think of how I seldom notice my breathing in the warmer seasons. I can see the golden mare in the clearing ahead, her rich earthy coat a stark contrast to the snow around her. Her eyes are bright and nostrils flared as she dances in front of us. The photographer crouched low, the snapping of the camera’s shutters piercing the white silence. The mare raised her head, titling her right ear to the side and let out a loud exhale. I smile. She is such a show off. The unmistakable sound of a horse so full of themselves never ceased to make me laugh. The mare shot to one side suddenly and trotted away, her long legs sending the powder snow into plumes of white.

    The sun began to dip behind the trees and a chill swept over the valley. With rosy cheeks, we stamp to keep warm, pulling woolen hats over our reddened ears and tightening scarves over our blue-tinged lips. Teeth chatter and the cold seeps into our gloves numbing our fingers until they cease to bend properly, stiffened and frigid.

    “Alright, time to get her inside.”

    I walk up to the mare and place my hand on her forehead. Her whiskers brush against my wrists and I can feel the warmth of her breath against my jacket. She blinks slowly and nuzzles her head into my chest. I slide the halter over head and throw her heavy woolen rug over her back. We walk up the frosty lane way back up to the stables. The soft glow of the warm light peaks from beyond the horizon.

    0_1560568001342_foold gold snow small.jpg
    Pictured: WRNGS Fool's Gold (Jack River)

    So as the northern hemisphere goes into summer, here in Australia we are halfway through our first month of winter. I hope you all enjoy this little breath of fresh air edit wise! I always seem to be in the opposite mood to the equus seasons! So I hope you can all tolerate my winter edits for the next little while! This is another picture of Jack River, if you haven't already noticed I'm kind of obsessed with her....

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