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  • @Marquis-Moulin Thank you Marquis! Im glad you all mostly feel the same as i do. I was hoping to do a traditional sale but with how popular auctions have become i was worried there wouldnt be much interest! I have put a lot of effort into these babies so definitely want them in happy homes!

  • 0_1565413983675_Cassirado.png

    So here is another sneak peak at one of our sales horses. Im still toying with the idea of keeping this one for myself though.... I really suck at making horses for sale because I end up falling in love! This big black stallion has captured my heat, i mean look at that face and his coat. Rado is a very special boy, sired by our foundation stallion KPE Cassiago, Rado is one of only a few non-grey offspring! Cassiago will soon be retiring from sport and Rado will in all likelihood be one of his last foals. This beautiful black stallion has +20 SJ bonus points and 26 SJ discipline points. Rado is a very easy stallion to have around. He isn’t phased about much, he can be ridden around mares and even crossed tied beside them without any fuss. He is a pleasure to take out and gets positive comments wherever he goes! Rado loves the mud so be warned!! Be prepared for many hours of grooming with this boy! Rado’s dam RDEC Sevilla has multiple quality foals on the ground and is herself still competing at Grand Prix level. With two parents competing at the highest level we have very high hopes for this very trainable stallion.

  • beautiful cassi

  • Well if the stud is retiring then yes, I think you should keep him :)

  • An absolutely gorgeous lad! I can see why you wanna keep him :heart:

  • @Ian-Salvatore He is a beauty!

    @Lidija-Rotherford I think im leaning towards keeping him :see_no_evil:

    @Annalena-Voigt Thankuoi Annalena!

  • Oh, I'd want to keep him, too. :heart: There's something timeless about black horses, especially when they have just the right amount of chrome. :ok_hand:

    @Neeve-Kalford said:

    Rado loves the mud so be warned!!

    At least he's already black? :laughing:

    Nel is quite cute too, actually. I'd love to see you do a traditional sale- following in a similar line of thought to Maria, there's just... something more... involved about them? I find that generally, traditional sales are put together by people who do care more about the horse than the value of it, so consequently, they put a bit more effort into presenting their babies to the public. That in turn gets the prospective buyers thinking about the horse (rather than how much they can afford to slap down :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ); making plans for it, working out who will ride it, how they can introduce it to their story, building up their personality; all these sorts of things that make them more fond of it and thus more likely to keep it. I think they're just more enjoyable for everyone who wants to get involved. More creative, you know?

    Also: that photo of Fool's Gold in the snow is :heart: gorgeous. :snowflake:

  • He is gorgeous! And so are the rest of your sale horses :heart_eyes:

  • @Ariadne-Waters I think he will be staying :speak_no_evil: Have decided on the sale. and it has been put up! These babies have had a lot of love put into them and I agree, I think sales build more of an emotional connection. Im obsessing over Fools Gold at the moment haha! She's brought back that editing fire within me! Thank you Ariadne! <3

    @Fernanda-Luchetta Thankyou so much <3

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    Our Sale is currently LIVE! Head on over to view their details and personalities. All horses are titled in their discipline and have had a great deal of love poured into them, i would love for them to go to active homes!
    KPE Triviana
    KPE Detroit
    KPE Denzel
    KPE Cornella

  • Again - what stunning horses!

    Btw the link goes back to your profile, not the sale!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Still waiting for you to apply ;) Thanks for the heads up! All fixed <3

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