WCIF - This halter-bridle thing [found]

  • Sorry for poor quality! I'm pretty sure it was from SLS (but it's gone now, what happened? can someone tell me? pm maybe)
    It got bugged in my game, so please help me find it
    0_1495128766762_Bez tytułu.png
    if author does not wish to upload it anymore then fine

  • Competition Committee

    If you search up Sugars Legacy on the cc Database the links there still work. :D

  • She had been reported for some reason, her website and facebook pages should be back up soon.

  • thanks everyone <3

  • Moderation Committee

    I think it's this halter bridle combination.
    wasn't sure if we had it added to the blog yet and it took some time tracking it down (there is currentl 200 bridles in the blog) so thought I'd link it here for you.

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