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    Phoenix Hill Farm is an equine facility based in England, Shropshire. Phoenix Hill breed and compete their horses as well as rehabilitating rescue horses. The horses are cared for to the highest standard and their health and well-being is what's most important at Phoenix Hill.

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    This album will be full of pictures and updates of the horses at Phoenix, written by myself, Effie Phoenix. Happy simming :) .

    It was the day of the hot air balloon festival and the Phoenix Hill team and I lounged around the horses fields watching as the balloons were lit and flown up into the sky. The festival was close to the farm which meant we could watch the show from there without having to pay the festival entry fee. I stood with Parabola HW and PHF Poppy Fox. Poppy persistently nudged me for treats, she knew I had a polo in my pocket somewhere, and she was right. Parabola however had fun watching the balloons, she stood with her back leg rested and her tail swishing at the flies, her lower lip drooping. This was the life .

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  • Your horses are so cute ;-;

  • Great start so far! There don't seem to have been many rescue centres around lately.

    I hope the balloons don't scare the horses. Mine were always terrified when a balloon was anywhere in the sky.

    I love the name "Parabola" for a horse :)

  • @Mia-Lyng Thank you! :D

    @Samantha-Jadirea Thanks! :D A few of them were scared but the majority were totally chilled and appeared to be watching contently. They also had ice cubes with apples and carrots in them to keep them distracted!

  • Ooh .. I can't wait to see more ! :grinning:


    My sister Nora decided to bring Poppy in for a groom. It has been raining heavily through the night, typical british weather, and Poppy had rolled around like a pig in the mud and was now caked in it. "For god sake Poppy, I swear all I ever seem to do is groom you," Nora had muttered with a great sigh. Poppy loves mud and her favourite thing to do is roll, especially in thick sludgy puddles and we get a lot of those in England. Nora spent at least an hour trying to get her clean and ended up flustered and sweating in her jacket, which is when I decided to take a sneaky photo, but of course she saw me sliding my phone out of my pocket and covered her face quickly. .

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    I also walked Parabola in from the pasture and she seemed to be in an unusual perky mood for a mare with a huge attitude problem. Her saddle has gone in for some adjustments since she's changed shape over the spring months because it no longer fits her. She's in better condition now since she lot a little weight during winter time. Anyhow, I felt pretty reckless and decided to hop on bareback and take her in the roundpen and to my surprise she was an angel. Maybe the saddle was causing her some discomfort because she seemed must happier without it. I finished up at the barn and took my daughter out for lunch, she had a slice of chocolate cake which is her absolute favourite and I had a bakewell tart. She's growing so fast because it feels like yesterday she was tottling round the barn and now in a couple of years she'll be transitioning from ponies to horses. How time flies.

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  • Love this! Parabola is to die for. :heart:

  • @Stacy-Michaelson Thank you! :D

    @Rosalie-Clarke She's gorgeous but I can't take credit for her, she was an import! I love her though, she's so fiesty <3

  • Your sim is absolutely adorable! I'm also fangirling the bright green and turquoise background in the second pic ^^

  • I <3 bays, and your bays are fabulous!

  • @Luna-Andrews Thank you! Parabola and Poppy are posing just at the right moment :D

    @Skylar-Sovari Thank you, though I can't take credit for Parabola since she was an import :two_hearts:

  • That's a really beautiful picture of Parabola :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you! She's certainly knows how to flaunt it :)


    Here's an update on the one and only Galileo, a 15 year old Dutch Warmblood stallion. He's a lesson horse though I bought and broke him myself when he was 3. We competed for years but I decided to put him back into lessons since he was so laid-back and seemed to enjoy teaching and allowing students to improve their riding. He hasn't competed for a year now but maybe this year he might be entered in a few shows, who knows, he'll definitely be glad to be back because he thrives competing. He has a huge part of my heart, he's such a great horse with a heart of gold too.

    alt text

    We also have a new boy on the block, welcome IFS Snowstar. He's a Hanoverian stallion and was purchased for my younger sister Nora to compete on. He's an eventer but still young and learning. Our groom Harry (pictured below) has a huge soft spot for him and he goes to give him a carrot and a good scratch on his lunch break. Nora also adores him though she has only ridden him a handful of times, they will be competing this year for sure.

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  • Galileo is stunning! I love the feel of the photos, it feels so realistic, like we are actually looking at pictures from a lesson! :-)

  • @Michelle-Frohman Thank you! He's a bit of a show off :heart_eyes:


    Here's a photo of Tully and I, she is my new import mare and if all goes well then she will be my eventing horse. She will also be shown inhand to help desensitise her to bigger competitions as she's quite flighty and tends to freak herself out. Later in her career she may be used for breeding but that's all up in the air at the moment. I rode her for the first time yesterday and it was a magical moment and a ride I won't forget because I've instantly connected with this mare and I feel she's going to go far.

    PS. I'm still new to editing photos and I couldn't draw a tail that could do this mare any justice so I've left it for now. I wanted to get a photo of her here because I go on vacation so this will do :heart:

    alt text

  • I love your arena! Tully looks like she'll be a fine eventing horse :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thanks! I sure hope so ;)


    Evenings at Phoenix Hill are always a quiet time of day. The horses are either settled in their stalls for the night or turned out in their pastures and the whole stables goes quiet. Tully was stood over my daughter Harlyn and kept nibbling at her hair and breathing hot air onto her face. She was giggling hysterically and it warmed my heart. Tully has settled in well now and currently has her own pasture but I'm thinking of moving her into the mares' field since she seems to enjoy company from other horses. Our instructor Anthony is travelling down to Phoenix tomorrow to give myself and Tully a lesson in a couple of days.

    alt text


    Welcoming the beautiful RHZ RADISSON a Hanoverian stallion from @Anzhelika-Shabanova. The first day he came home Natalia took to him instantly (the blond rider pictured) which is unusual because she doesn't warm to many horses. I watched her with him in the stable, he was unsettled and slightly nervous, but Natalia spent time murmuring soft words and gently winning him over with a couple of polo mints. The next day I found Natalia once more in the stallion's stable smoothing a hot cloth over his back and using some arnica oil to help relax his muscles since the journey from his previous home had been a long one. She's taken to nicknaming him "Razz" and he seems to respond to it. I helped her tack him up and sit on him for his first time being ridden at the farm and he was slightly nervous but settled down soon enough.

    The last few rides she's had on him were impressive to say the least. I felt rather envious watching them pirouette in the middle of the arena because the site was so beautiful. I'm yet to ride him since Natalia has taken him on herself- however I can't complain since she hasn't had her own horse to ride for just under a year since her beautiful mare Lady died at that time.

    I took this shot without Natalia noticing. The sun was beginning to set and Natalia had finished an intense ride with Razz, they were walking around the farm to cool off when Natalia saw a rabbit. Being an animal lover, she halted Razz and pointed across to a couple of baby rabbits that were hopping across the moors.

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