Buying horses

  • Hello! I just have a simple question about how to buy horses. I know there is like money you have but I don't know how it works xD Helppp

  • PR Committee

    On your main site account you have a balance listed under your profile icon. This is the amount of money you are allowed to spend on the forum. If you want to send someone money, you click on your balance which will take you to your transaction history. There will be 3 tabs, bank history, pending payments, and sent payments. To send someone money you find their name in the drop down box, then you type the amount of money you want to send them. If it's $5,000 you type 5000. The system doesn't read punctuation. Type a little memo i.e "for import" and hit send.

    You can use your money for anything you want as long as it will be used on this forum alone. There's also plenty of ways to make money. One way is to start an achievement tracker and redeem points for cash. You can also sell horses, enter shows, and open up a variety of different services to earn income.

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