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  • Hello all! To be honest, and fair warning, I am terrible at keeping updated with these things. I'm also awful at tables so none of that! I will add pretty images and the like for this later.

    To kick things off, just an introduction of my stables. I own two stables: Salvatella Stud & Blackwater Estate. This journal will be for both, but currently Blackwater Estate is my more active stable.

  • Sneak Peak

    So to start off, I want to show off my quarantine barn. All newcomers must stay here until they are cleared by the vet to join the rest of the herd. It's nestled between the two facilities, so our PRE Andalusians from the stud as well as our Irish Sport Horses from the Estate stay here interchangeably.

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  • @Skylar-Sovari I love your quarantine facility, it's gorgeous!

  • What a beauty! I love these stables! :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    That barn is amazing, so many details! :hushed:

  • What a lovely barn! Can't wait to see more :grinning:

  • @Effie-Phoenix Thank you! It's inspired by my actual dream barn. I love small cozy barns, and definitely wanted this build I did as a part of my stables.

    @Anzhelika-Shabanova Thank you <3 I'll definitely remember to post more pictures of my other barns at my facilities.

    @Callixta-Rosella I am a decor hoarder lol Literally have around 150GB of CC, and most of it is clutter objects and random shit

    @Stacy-Michaelson Thank you so much! More is definitely on its way :grinning:

    MAY 22nd

    alt text

    StE Dorryen

    Our primary focus at Blackwater Estate is the Irish Sport Horse. Pictured is our foundation stallion Dorryen, by StE Brave Lad out of CDE Hera. He has just started his show jumping career here on Equus, and has a lot of potential.

  • PR Committee

    I can see this blog easily becoming one of my favorites in the future! I love the look of your barn already. Everything is nice and tidy.

    Your ISH boy is amazing! I love his roman nose. It's so adorable :heart:

  • @Johanna-Masters I look forward to your feedback in the future :smile:

    May 23rd
    alt text

    BKE Riptide && Vincent Strecker

    Vincent has been riding Ripley since he was about ten. We bought the Hanoverian gelding for him as a jumper to build his confidence and start a career on. The pair have been inseparable since, and have been dominating the show circuit this past season.

    alt text

    AV Trillium

    A unruly black PRE stallion we purchased early last year. As difficult as he is, we've handed him off to the only person at our stables crazy enough to handle him: Devin Weild. Probably a good decision, as just the other day I caught the two cantering down the diagonal in perfect sync.

  • Wow I really love your facilities, and your horses are really stunning!!! :-)

  • @Michelle-Frohman Thank you! They've gone through so many coat updates haha

    June 5th
    alt text
    NLS Sweet Romance && Cassie McGuffin
    This stunning Oldenburg mare is by NLS Donatello and was a gift from @Remi-Clarke. She is currently competing in low level eventing shows until she gets her show legs back, at which point we plan on fully launching her career.

    alt text
    NLS Sweet Cassanova && Cassie McGuffin
    Another stunning mare from Remi Clarke, Cassie is being trained in dressage. She will eventually join our other PREs on our dressage team at the beginning of the next season.

    alt text
    YDA Roma && Matthias Strecker
    This huge mare is by YDA Travieso out of YI Ávila del Impío. We purchased her sometime last year from @Jessica-Owens, and already she shows a lot of potential and we are excited to see how far she goes in her career.

  • Aaah your last update makes me want to dust off my dressage team and do a photoshoot with them :heart:

    NLS Sweet Romance is so beautiful ;___;

    I'm amazed by the details in your quarantine barn, wow! :top:

  • @Merida-Dahmer Oh my goodness I'd love to see your dressage team!! And thank you <3 She's one of my favorite mares at my barn. As for my quarantine barn lol I'm a deco hoarder, so it still looks plain to me :laughing:

    June 6th
    alt text
    From Left to Right: BKE Riptide, StE Dorryen, & Lewis' Jitterbug
    From the left, BKE Riptide. A twelve year old Hanoverian gelding we purchased several years ago for our stable manager's son Vincent. With a few show miles already under his belt, he was the perfect mount for Vincent as a budding Show Jumper. Since then, they have competed all over the country, and even some internationally. They currently compete at the Intermediate level, and have achieved 49 points and a handful of ribbons.

    In the middle, StE Dorryen. He is a six year old Irish Sport Horse we purchased from Maria Korine on Equus two years ago as a foundation when we opened Blackwater Estate. He is by StE Brave Lad, a proven Eventing stallion, and out of CDE Hera, and is my own personal mount. He competes in Show Jumping at the Intermediate level and has achieved 57 points.

    On the right, Lewis' Jitterbug. A four year old Irish Sport Horse stallion we acquired from Cassandra Lewis on Equisim Alliance about a month ago to add to our ISH lineup. He is untested in the show ring, as we want him to settle in and adjust to life with the staff, as well as his stable mates before taking him to any show grounds. For now though, we exercise him daily and take him over cavaletties or small cross-rails.

    alt text
    From Left to Right: Sona's Saturn's Rose, HTEC Miss Sandra D, NLS Sweet Fate, NLS Sweet Romance, & SC Chili Pepper
    From the left, Sona's Saturn's Rose. A three year old Swedish Warmblood filly by AV Saturnus. We have only just started backing her, and are in the process of assessing her abilities and mindset to determine the best discipline to train her in. So far, she's far too energetic and frisky for any sort of competition let alone being ridden safely.

    Next, HTEC Miss Sandra D. She is a seven year old Sport Thoroughbred we purchased from Zira Hardwood. We suspect she might have been raced at least once as she has a lip tattoo. We purchased her to join our Show Jumping team, as she had previous training for it. So far, she has been dominating the circuit this season and has already achieved a staggering 57 points.

    In the middle, NLS Sweet Fate. She is a four year old Oldenburg mare and is standing next to her dam. She's the sort of nightmare filly that well...nightmares are made of. We've managed to get her out to one show ground so far, and we are debating on whether or not we want to repeat the horror that was her behavior. She charged through the Eventing course with no rhyme or reason, and somehow managed to place, so has earned 9 points.

    Second to last, NLS Sweet Romace. An eleven year old Oldenburg mare by NLS Donatello. Complete opposite to her filly, Allegra as we call her, is the most gentle horse at the stables. We purchased her, and her filly, from Remi Clarke early last year to launch our Eventing team. Allegra hadn't been shown in some time, and so required gentle exercise and laid back competitions to ease her back into work. So far, she has earned 10 points.

    And last is SC Chili Pepper. A five year old Irish Sport Horse mare we purchased from Sunny Creeks as a foundation mare for our ISH line. Call us crazy, but we honestly aren't huge fans of chestnuts. Especially big chestnut mares; they just scream 'mare-ish', but for some reason when I saw her, I just couldn't pass her up. She's been a successful addition to the Show Jumping team as well. Only shown once and has already earned 8 points.

  • June 7th

    I wanted to introduce our Baroque stallions. The first three have been with us since we were founded and mean a lot to us. They are all part of Salvatella Stud of course, and are actively competing in Dressage.

    alt text
    Commodore de Capaz
    8 year old PRE Andalusian stallion. Local Dressage Champion w/ 33 points.

    alt text
    Corazon Hornando
    7 year old PRE Andalusian stallion. Local Dressage Champion w/ 49 points.

    alt text
    Mario Santiago
    6 year old PRE Andalusian stallion. Local Dressage Champion w/ 45 points.

    alt text
    AV Trillium
    4 year old PRE Andalusian stallion.

  • I love Trillium, he's beautiful :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you so much!! He's my second favorite haha

    July 21st

    We recently acquired some ponies! Two Gotland ponies from a good friend of mine.

    alt text
    PP Tinkerbell and myself
    A lovely 7 year old mare with an extra springy trot. We purchased her for our youngest staff member Anastasia and we have to admit, the two of them are the most adorable thing we've ever seen. Don't believe me? Just look:
    alt text

    alt text
    PP Gnomeo and myself
    An eight year old gelding that came with Tink. The two are clearly great friends. We currently don't have a purpose for this little guy, but I don't think he's really complaining much. He gets to just eat grass and run around in the paddock all day.

  • Too many pretty tobiano and PRE horses <3

  • Beautiful stable and horses. :D

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