Silver Glade Stables - 6/10 - "With Wings"

  • Authentic is stunning, and Ghostcatcher.... greys are always gorgeous!! :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Silver's Just because is a beauty!

  • Whew its ah- been a minute! I am hoping now that school is out to be a little bit more active on here. I have plenty of pictures that I've taken in game and just have yet to edit or share, so hopefully I'll get around to sharing some of those soon!
    For now, here's a new youngster we've bred, Silver's With Wings. He is a 4 year old show jumping stallion out of Silver's Ithuriel (Silver's Pegasus) and by Eretria's Grafiet (VS/WSE Greyhound). Wings receives a stunning +19 in show jumping, as well as +13 in eventing, but we are currently gearing him more towards the jumper ring. As is with most of our youngsters, he may or may not end up for sale down the road :)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Such a pretty boy

  • Love his coat :heart_eyes:

  • So great to see from you again! I really love With Wings name, it just goes so well with his prefix, and he's such a handsome and noble looking boy - just look at that regal head!

  • He is stunning :D

  • I hope he ends up for sale so that I can try to snatch him up :rofl:

    Lovee his name!

  • GASP! cute face and wonderful boy!!!!!!

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