• Can someone who knows a lot about competing/registering/challenges and all the fun things included message and talk to me to help explain how to do all these things? I understand sort of but the whole registering thing confuses me and the genotypes. Also I don't know if to enter competitions you send the edited image to the host or whether you need to send an image at all. Those sorts of things. Someone please? It would also be nice to have some friends around here :slight_smile:

  • I'm going offline for the night now, but if you ever need some help feel free to send me a pm. I'm not staff but I've been around Equus for years and mostly I don't bite. I'm willing to help out new members or friend them for a while until they get the hang of things. I'm a bit slow with the new forum, I only figured out where the chat/messaging was a few nights ago. But the competition and registering stuff I'm ok with.

    Someone will probably have got you on your way by the time I get back tomorrow, but if not I can help then. I'm also on Slack sometimes.

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