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  • Its been such a crazy couple of months but I'm really missing my sim time. Between planning my wedding for June 16, taking care of four horses, and trying to survive customers at Walmart I can't help but think about all my friends here. I was just grooming one of the two Arabians at my job thinking about how fun it would be to make his coat in sims. I think of you guys with a smile, I would definitely be asking your advice on how to get his markings right. I'm hoping I will be able to find all the necessary CC and start posting photos soon. I just feel like my editing is inadequate sometimes as well, I feel like its never good enough for me or no one is interested. I miss my pretty pixel ponies waiting for me, I miss talking about horses on here, and I miss the friendships here.
    Anybody else not able to get on as much want to talk about what they miss about EQUUS?

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    I'm working 2 jobs at the moment so I have less spare time than I used to. I still manage to get on Sims to take the odd picture and am currently building new facilities, I find that it takes me twice as long to get things done now and it can be hard to keep myself motivated at times.

    I manage to keep my horses active in R shows although I seemed to have missed a fair few of these lately, especially if I don't enter them as soon as I notice the show has been posted. :face_palm_tone2:

    I have definitely missed seeing you around, and other Arabian breeders who haven't joined this new forum. I also miss having the time to create CC, so many half finished things are on my laptop.

    And don't worry about the editing, although I totally understand, but still I barely edit and don't have the time to spend hours on pictures. I think a nicely taken unedited picture can be just as good anyway and it would be lovely to see your pon's again. :smile:

  • My life also got busy lately so I don't have that much time for the game... :)

    Katie I do still compete one of your Arabians for you, that you had with me on free lease, so at least you got one killer horse with you still! :D

  • @X-tina-Hoxha

    I hear you, I really like that there is still a way to play even if it feels like you have no time.
    That happens to me all the time, I should be entering R shows soon I think just because we can't post photos doesn't mean we can't do the R shows.

    Thanks X-tina that encourages me to get my CC done and just start taking photos editing or no editing! I hope more people get to share what they miss about Equus and even though we may be short on time we get to spend time writing to each-other about our memories of EQUUS.

  • @Lidija-Rotherford

    I know you do are you still competing Lidija?
    Thanks that helps I'm definitely trying to find some time now that school is out and I'm just working and preparing for the wedding.

  • Even though my activity is up from when my computer monitor bit the dust and I had to buy a new one, I still don't get on nearly as much as I would like between my contract job with full-time hours, the associated 1.5 hour long commute, and my appointments at the gym. Not as hectic as some people's schedules, especially those with actual horses and not digital ones, but it does make it a bit difficult to do as many ES associated activities as I aspire to do. I still manage to get my horses into as many R-Shows as I can, and I can squeeze in taking pictures on the weekends so that will have to do for now. :smiley:

  • @Katie-Karan said in Missing EQUUS:


    I know you do are you still competing Lidija?
    Thanks that helps I'm definitely trying to find some time now that school is out and I'm just working and preparing for the wedding.

    I still compete her, yes :)

  • @Elizabeth-Ahearn
    That's great Elizabeth! I think all we can do is take baby steps until we get to where we want to be. Any little accomplishment where we get to play games and have fun is good. Now that my wedding and honeymoon is over I actually got to put some horses in a random today so its a start(even if I still have my game to sort out, my barn is a mess, need to find cc and get it going).

  • @Lidija-Rotherford
    That's awesome Lidija!

  • Generally, I'm really busy as well so don't get much Equus or sim time as I'd like! I work full time with horses during the week doing about 55-58 a week which is likely to increase even more as someone is leaving so there will be just two of us. I have weekends off but am so tired and have other stuff to do alot of the time, I'm trying to set up my own photography business too so would like to do this full time!

    I try and get in game every other week if I can but it runs so slowly I hardly get anything done :laughing:

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