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    Park Lane Farms is an elegant and small farm located on a lovely piece of land in Milton FL. It is home to many beautiful sport horses. Our horses have been actively competing in the show jumping and hunter ring. We have a strong drive for success and accomplishment and never fail to reach it.

    The farm can hold up to approximately 30 horses in a total of two well built and comfortable barns. The rest of the farm encompasses large paddocks for our horses and a walker with additional stalls surrounding it. It also includes a considerably sized outdoor sand ring divided into two for all our riding needs, whether it be jumping or simply flatting.
    [pics coming soon]

    Name Breed Gender Colour Discipline
    Sinful PLF Trakehner Stallion Grey Show Hunters
    Clark Kent PLF Hanoverian Mare Grey Show Jumpers
    Titinius PLF Danish Warmblood Stallion Bay Show Hunters
    SBS Navajo Dutch Warmblood Stallion Black Dressage
    SBS Seritza Dutch Warmblood Mare Chestnut Tobiano Show Hunters
    Daighre HW Thoroughbred Mare Bay Show Hunters
    DDEC Capetown Dutch Warmblood Mare Bay Show Jumpers
    AR Saffron Dutch Warmblood Stallion Black Show Jumpers
    Boltzmann's Throat Explosion Westphalian Stallion Bay Show Jumpers
    Fine Romance PLF Hanoverian Stallion Black Tobiano Show Jumpers

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    Fine Romance || Roman
    16hh Black Minimal Tobiano Hanoverian stallion in Show Jumping
    Haven't edited so I wanted to play around with it and Roman decided to be my helper! Enjoy!

  • :astonished: That is some pretty amazing editing! I think I need more horses from you at some stage ;) your editing is also amazing omg steals all your skills and applies to her own pictures

  • @Erin-Cooke Thanks Erin! :heart_decoration: Definitely I'd love to make you some or breed a few in the future with you! ;)

  • I'm such a sucker for blue eyes, gorgeous horse and edit. :heart_eyes: I might also be needing some horses from you in the future. :wink:

  • I read you edited that solely via the touchpad so - awesome! :D

  • @Sophie-Lawrence Blue eyes are my favourite! :smiley: Thank you Sophie! Anytime I'd be happy to make you a horse or breed one :heart:

    @Lidija-Rotherford Indeed I did I'm very happy with how it turned out! Thank you :heart:

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