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  • Hello fellow Equus friends,

    as a lot of our horses are soon to be retired and realizing that a lot of them are kind of related to one another when it comes to SJ and Dressage, making it nearly impossible for us to maintain our little breeding-line of fine sporthorses in the future (since we especially lacking quality mares in both disciplines), Tannicht is looking to import some new bloodlines to our stable.

    What we are looking for

    • Mare
    • Any warmblood breed (honestly, I couldn't care less about the breed as long as it is a warmblood; I also consider more rare warmblood breeds such as Danish Warmbloods, Swiss Warmbloods, Wuerttemberger and so on)
    • 2nd/3rd generation
    • Any color is fine, no real preferences here
    • Pedigree Bonus Points is a must - At least +7 (2nd generation) / 10+ (for 3rd generation) in either Dressage or Show Jumping
    • Can be a foal/youngster or already registered and competing mare
    • And yes, unfortunately, I am extremely picky about coat and conformation so I prefer horses I see were put a lot of effort and time in since I personally do that too when creating horses.

    What we can offer:

    • I compete my horses to a reasonable age (along 15-18 depending on their fitness and achieved points) before breeding from them one or two foals. Since I only ever breed for my personal use, you don't need to be scared that your horse-line is overpopulated in the Equus Sims Community.
    • I care and love my horses, so I try to have them as active as they can be meaning I am entering them in every R-Show and participating in the ESRPG over at Equus Sims whenever manageable. Please keep in mind that I have reallife, too that is keeping me busy from time to time so I cannot guarantee you daily/weekly/monthly picture updates of your horse especially since I always end up editing the crap out of my pictures.
    • I keep my horses active until they reached at least 150+ points before they're first used for breeding. Most of my horses have more than 200+ points to their names.
    • Willing to pay any price you are asking for as long as it is in a reasonable and realistic range.

    That's it basically. I hope someone out there is willing to either breed a horse for me or already has a horse, that he wants to be seen and competed and later on has promising offspring to also rule the Equus Sims arenas.

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