[ENDED] Hanoverian Stallion

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    Name: WEC Wicked Beauty
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Color: Sooty Grey
    Gender: Stallion
    Height: 16.3
    Breeding: ILA/WEC Wicked Games x Cosmic Beauty REC
    Discipline: Eventing

    WEC Wicked Beauty is a Hanoverian stallion I bred a long time ago who was sold to an inactive member and never had a chance to have a show career. He is not currently registered, his new owner will need to do so. Wicked Beauty has some very old rare lineage. He is out of Cosmic Beauty REC by ILA/WEC Wicked Games. Lineage goes back to WEC Tanqueray and Tonic and ILA Balandro's riddle, some of the first foundation Hanoverian stallions on Equus.

    Auction Terms:

    • You are not allowed to alter his coat/conformation in any way other than the addition or subtraction of shine markings.
    • Coat and conformation are not to be used for any other horse
    • His name cannot be changed and prefix may not be changed
    • If you ever want to sell him, I reserve the right of buying him back first
    • I would like this horse to go to an active home
    • He has a main site profile, but will need to be registered
    • Bids must increase a minimum of $1,000 at a time
    • Starting Bid: $8,000
    • Reserve: $15,000 (Meaning if the bid does not reach this number, this is the minimum he will be sold for)
    • Sale ends Friday 5/26 at 5:00 PM EST

  • PR Committee

    I don't quite understand your reserve rule? Are you saying that if the highest bid is under 15k by the end of the auction then the winner will have to pay 15k?

  • Yes that is what it means. If the auction ends and the bid is at $8,000 then the highest bidder will have the option of buying him for his reserve price or passing on to the next bidder. This is similar to a real life auction where the owner has a price set in mind of the minimum they will sell the horse for. If the bid surpasses 15k then whoever the highest bidder is wins. I just wanted to simulate a little here lol, but who knows, if there is no interest and nobody bids I will offer him for private sale or keep him for myself. He is quite lovely!

  • PR Committee

    hmm okay, so if your set price is 15k then why not just make that the starting bid?

    I understand the rl element, just curious as to your reasoning. You can DM me so we don't clog your thread with this explanation. I've just never seen this before :)

  • Breed Committee

    Starting bid on this lovely horse :heart:

  • Bid accepted Rebecca :-)

  • This auction ends TONIGHT at 5:00 PM. There are 6 hours left. So far Rebecca has the high bid

  • PR Committee

    $9,000 - WEC Wicked Beauty

  • Bid accepted @Johanna-Masters Just under an hour left!

  • Breed Committee

    $12,000 ~

  • PR Committee

    13k - Wicked Beauty

  • Breed Committee

    $15,000 ~

  • ENDED, Congrats Rebecca Wall you are the new owner of WEC Wicked Beauty!

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