[ENDED 6/05] Stallion Breeding Auction

    first generation Trakehner

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    Boutsikaris Stud is pleased to offer one last public breeding to State Champion, Antritt NC. He has recently been retired from eventing at the grand age of 18. Andy, as he is affectionately known, is a very intelligent horse who is always aware of his surroundings. He's a very kind, calm stallion and is able to pass on those traits to a majority of his offspring. Due to starting his show career later in life, Antritt wasn't able to accumulate a massive amount of points before being retired, but his offspring have all done well and are sure to surpass their sire. Andy retired with 107 eventing points and $10,240 in earnings. He gives 3 pedigree points. Andy is 17.3hh with a genotype of Ee aa nSb.

    Titled champions sired by Antritt include...

    Offspring Name Discipline Title
    Actaeon NC Show Jumping & Show Hunters State Champion x2
    Amethyst NC Dressage Regional Champion
    Ambrosia NC Dressage Regional Champion
    Alexander NC Eventing Regional Champion
    Bella Rose NC Eventing Local Champion
    Atalanta NC Dressage Regional Champion
    Alecta NC Eventing Regional Champion
    Agamemnon NC Eventing Local Champion
    Argonaut NC Dressage & Eventing Local Champion x2

    (more pictures will be added

    • The foal will be made by myself and carry the Boutsikaris Stud suffix of NC.
    • Antritt is open to breed to Warmblood, Thoroughbred and Arabian mares.
    • The winner will be entitled to one breeding.
    • You are not allowed to use the resulting foal as a template for other horses. No public downloading!
    • The foal is to remain ACTIVE. Please do not bid if you don't have the time nor desire to show the foal.
    • If you decide you no longer want the foal, I'd appreciate being given the option to buyback.
    • To show you have read, understand and agree to the rules, please list your favorite movie with your first bid.
    • Shine/detail markings may be altered.

    The starting bid will begin at $1,000 with a minimum bid increase of $1,000. The auction will end June 05, 2017 at 11:59pm EST (New York time)

  • UPDATE - Changed end date to June 1st.

  • Competition Committee

    SB - I didn't forget ;)

    Bull Durham - one of my favs

  • @Leah-Harrington said in [ENDS 6/01] Stallion Breeding Auction:

    SB - I didn't forget ;)

    Bull Durham - one of my favs

    <3 accepted!

  • 2000

    Boondock Saints

  • 3000
    (I don't have a favorite, since I only watch TV shows)

  • bids accepted :)

  • Competition Committee

    4K :blush:

  • 5k
    does the potc saga count as a movie ya hahaa

  • 6k
    Jappeloup - eine Legende

  • all bids accepted!

  • Competition Committee

    7k :slight_smile:

  • 8k :smiley:

  • 10k

    Oh my.... There are so many but my "go to" has got to be The Last Uniforn AND The Land Before Time. Love them both.

  • all accepted!

  • UPDATE - extended the date to the 5th because I'm an idiot and forgot. 😂

  • 11k:blush:

  • Competition Committee

    12k :slight_smile:

  • all accepted!

  • congratulations @Leah-Harrington !

  • Competition Committee

    Yes!!! I'm finally going to be able to have an Antritt baby all my own :smile: I'll send the stud fee right now and my mare over when I wake up. Thank you so much for the opportunity hun <3

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