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  • Hi all!

    Just looking around to see if there are any good worlds for me to use.
    I dont have enough money to spend it on someone to make me a word, nor most likely edit one for me, so im in search of one thats public!

    I always come across some amazing worlds, and im always stunned by how stunning those CAW fences look ( I cant build in CAW so i cant do it myself either xD) and ive always desired a world that has them.

    Although every world i have downloaded and tried using, the supposed CAW fences dont show up as i dont have the right EP's (i dont have many).
    SO im in search of a world that has CAW fences that will actually show up if possible. World doesnt have to be big either (as i only have 64 horses). Just an equestrian based word. All my installed EP's are listed below if it helps :heart:


    • Pets
    • Seasons
    • Supernatural

    (see i dont have many!)

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