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    Here at Lavender Equestrian Center we compete in a variety of disciplines. We have state of the art facilities. We have only the best trainers and our riders are comitted. We don't only compete our precious horses, but also breed. We aim to produce quality horses instead of quantity. We have a solid breeding program in place to ensure our horses are healthy enough to be bred.
    We are located in the western parts of the beautiful, South Africa. We're surrounded with lush green fields and hills. The temperatures are really hot in summer, but not so cold in winter. We barely get any snow.
    As always, we hope you have a great time. Enjoy!
    21016 HLEC Driftwood Pacific 05/2015 Thoroughbred Show Jumping Foundation Foundation
    21017 HLEC Master Oats 07/2015 Thoroughbred Show Jumping Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Dusk N Dawn 10/2015 British Warmblood Dressage Foundation Foundation
    HLEC All That Jazz 02/2016 Egyptian Arabian Endurance/Halter Foundation Foundation
    28937 HLEC One Way Ticket 08/2015 Thoroughbred Flat Racing Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Bonjour South 10/2016 SA Boerperd Show Jumping/Halter Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Phantagero 10/2016 SA Boerperd Dressage/Halter Foundation Foundation
    29104 BRE Poetry In Motion 11/2016 Thoroughbred Flat Racing Unknown Unknown
    HLEC Foudre Rouge 01/2017 Hanoverian Eventing Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Feather Trader 11/2016 Thoroughbred Show Jumping HLEC Driftwood Pacific HLEC Leather N Lace
    BMEC Full The Irish 02/2017 Irish Sport Horse Eventing Unknown Unknown
    TGE Tokhtados 04/2017 Akhal Teke Endurance Foundation Foundation
    29805 HLEC Krambambuli 04/2017 Thoroughbred Eventing HLEC Driftwood Pacific CBB Hillital
    HLEC Bite My Dust 01/2017 AQH Halter Foundation Foundation
    SLS Red Hot Cruise 07/2017 Thoroughbred Flat Racing Foundation Foundation
    TSHR Sweet Revenge 10/2017 APH x SA Boerperd - TSHR Widowmaker HLEC Happy Daze
    HLEC Leather N Lace 04/2015 Thoroughbred Show Jumping Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Race The Moon 08/2015 Thoroughbred Show Jumping Foundation Foundation
    29103 HLEC Regal Classic 10/2015 Thoroughbred Flat Racing Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Foreign Affair 10/2015 British Warmblood Show Jumping Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Ancient Orange 10/2016 SA Boerperd Dressage Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Happy Daze 10/2016 SA Boerperd Halter Foundation Foundation
    28938 HLEC African Sun 12/2016 Thoroughbred Flat Racing Foundation Foundation
    HLEC La Primavera 01/2017 Hanoverian Eventing Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Mochachino 01/2017 Egyptian Arabian Endurance Foundation Foundation
    NLPS Midnight Trouble 07/2016 Irish Sport Horse Eventing Unknown Unknown
    29806 HLEC Master's Pagoda 04/2017 Thoroughbred - HLEC Master Oats Flash In The Sky
    HLEC Pull Up My Socks 02/2017 AQH Halter Foundation Foundation
    HLEC Nothin' But Trouble 02/2017 AQH Halter Foundation Foundation
    11658 SAL Manzanita 11/2014 Andalusian Dressage Commodore de Capaz SAL Devil Wears Prada
    MBEC Autumn Gold 08/2017 SA Boerperd - Foundation Foundation
    ENS Idilium Dream 07/2017 Thoroughbred Eventing ENS Lord of the Speed CBB Hillital
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    CBB Hillital 12/2015 Thoroughbred Mare Eventing - 385

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    I'm not good at story telling, So i'll just post these pictures :smiley:
    First up is HLEC All That Jazz. He is a 7 year old arabian stallion. He has been with us for 5 years.
    This is HLEC Mochachino. She is a new addition to the center. She is currently 4 years old and ready to start her endurance career.

  • I feel you, I am not good telling stories either haha xD Jazz is just too cute, I love his sweet face :heart_eyes:

  • 0_1496732334782_6 June 2017.png
    Today I would like to introduce our flat racers. I would like to thank Annie Stokes for the inspiration to make these gifs. :two_hearts:
    This is HLEC Regal Classic. Our very first flat racer. She is a ICSS Club Champion with 45 points.
    0_1496732649587_HLEC Regal Classic.gif
    Next racer is HLEC One Way Ticket. He has great determination to cross the finish line first. He is on his way to earn the Club Champion title on ICSS with 30 points.
    0_1496732863320_HLEC One Way Ticket.gif
    Next pon started his career not so long ago. BRE Poetry In Motion shows great potential in the racing industry.
    0_1496733086464_BRE Poetry In Motion.gif
    The last racer for today is HLEC African Sun, created by the wonderful Sugars Legacy Stables. She is a very competitive mare.
    0_1496733327535_HLEC African Sun.gif

  • Breed Committee

    I love Mochachino and Regal Classic, you have some lovely horses! I also love the way you made a gif of the horses, very creative :smile:

  • That gifs are really amazing. I love the idae

  • Haha I too like the gifs. Very fun idea! :crown:

  • very lovely!

  • 20 June 2017
    Today I'll introduce HLEC Bonjour South. He is a pretty SA boerperd stallion. He is a very friendly horse and enjoys spending time in the pasture. He definitely has a big heart and has a soft place for women :heart:

  • Ohhh, he looks lovely :heart_eyes:

  • 16 July 2017
    We recently bought a horse from the lovely Jessica Veerman. Introducing NLPS Midnight Trouble, a 6 year old Irish Sport Horse mare. She currently has 17 EA points in eventing. We are wishing her a successful career in the future.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Nice horses and the animated racers are very cool. I am enjoying looking at your photos too, nice work. :D

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven Thank you.

    And thank you to everyone's comments. They mean a lot :heart:

  • 17 July 2017
    Introducing TGE Tokhtados, an akhal teke stallion, with different genotypes. His dam was expecting twins, but they ended up merging. And he was the result. We love him to bits :heart:
    He is currently 3 years old.
    alt text

  • Administrators

    Fabulous to see Tekes out and about - especially such handsome ones!

  • He is awesome. :D

  • 15 September 2017
    It's time for HLEC Phantagero to make his appearance in this photo album. He is a gorgeous dapple grey SA Boerperd stallion. He has a career in dressage and halter, with a total of 34 points. He is almost six years old, so he has a lot of time to build up those points.
    He is a real sweetheart, but still acts like a stallion around other horses. He is not a horse for a novice rider. But other than that he is such a pleasure to have!
    Credits: Gut Lichtenstein for mane and tail.
    Robyn van Reenen for eye.
    alt text

  • Tokhtados is just fabulous <3 .... but Phantagero is gorgeous too :)

  • @Nina-Ricchi said in Lavender Equestrian Center | Photobook:

    Tokhtados is just fabulous <3 .... but Phantagero is gorgeous too :)

    Thank you Nina. And thank you to everyone for the lovely comments <3

  • Breed Committee

    Phantagero is stunning, I love a pretty dappled grey <3

  • 27 September 2017
    We have decided to retire these two lovelies from racing. Both have had very successful careers. We might end up starting new careers with them, but for now they will have a long deserved time off.
    Pic 1: HLEC One Way Ticket, TB stallion. He currently has a total of 117 points. He is also an ICSS Club Champion.
    Pic 2: HLEC Regal Classic, TB mare. She is retiring with 115 points behind her name. She is also an ICSS Club Champion.
    They are the first racing thoroughbreds at the center. HLEC One Way Ticket will also be up for Stud soon!
    alt text
    alt text

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