Appaloosa pattern in various breeds.

  • Well, With the retirement of some mares, I am thinking of starting a small private breeding program. My intention is to register those babies as Spanish Sport Horse... but I have a small problem, apparently.

    In Spain, any horse with sporting skills can be registered as Spanish Sport Horse. There is no mention of color. However, here, I could not register any foals. For example, if the foal wears an appaloosa coat. Why?

    I understand that, perhaps, a crossbred foal of Appaloosa and Warmblood could not be registered as a Spanish Sport Horse (although in real life if possible). But why could not I register a crossbreed foal of Knabstrupper (sport type) and another Warmblood? Can I only register if it is born with a solid color?

    And here comes my other problem. I am looking at the Master List and appaloosa pattern is not allowed in British Warmbloods. However, before the forum change, I bought a stallion of this breed with that pattern (foundation). HCF Polka Dot Dream

    Should I change his breed?

    Why can not I register an appaloosa pattern foal like Spanish sport horse but could I as British Sport Horse?

    Please, I wish someone could explain why. I do not want to think about breeding my horses with an idea in mind that I will have to change later.

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    If you can find enough evidence of registered Spanish Sporthorses WITH appy coats, you can make an appeal thread here, and BC staff will look it over and either approve or deny the appeal :)

  • @Mercedes-Hampton In theory, I would not need more evidence than the definition of Spanish Sport Horse:

    "The Spanish Sport Horse (CDE) has its origin in the creation of a studbook or book of origins, which groups a type of horse that is not pure breed, which comes from Cross of horses of other races, and whose main quality is its capacity for equestrian sport activity.

    The definition of the Spanish Sport Horse is "Equine registered at birth as CDE in the studbook, conceived by the crossing of two members of the main register, or one of the Main Registry with another of the Auxiliary Registry of the CDE race, or Crossing of breeders registered in Thoroughbred, Arabian... or Horse of Foreign Origin registered in a book recognized by the country that manages the book of origin of that breed."

    This means that if I choose a stallion with leopard pattern and his son inherits that pattern, I could register that foal as a Spanish Sport Horse provided that the mother (in this case) belongs to this breed (Spanish Sport Horse). If the mother is, for example, Dutch Warmblood, I could register your child as a Spanish sport horse regardless of the color. The important thing is that the child is a horse focused on sport (jumping, dressage or eventing, mainly).

    I am asking ANCADES (the studbook of the Spanish Sport Horse) if I could register a pony, fit for the sport, with a leopard pattern.

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    Yeah, you would need to post an appeal either way with sufficient proof.

    Sadly, "this COULD happen" without actual proof if not enough.

  • @Mercedes-Hampton and my leopard British Warmblood? He's black leopard, but appaloosa pattern is not allowed now. Do I have to change his breed?

  • That horse was accepted by the 2.0 system where registries did not follow a universal reference as we do now on 2.5. Thus there are several 2.0-registered horses that are now considered unrealistic. You are not required to change the breed of 2.0 registered horses, however you would have to be aware breeding the horse as any offspring with an appaloosa pattern applying as a British Warmblood would not be accepted.

    Alternatively, you can choose "unrealistic" at registration and have the submitted horse be any coat color/pattern regardless of breed specifics.

  • @Aylet-Schrödinger Then, could I register a black leopard (for example) as unrealistic Spanish Sport Horse?

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