Question about registering and disciplines

  • So this is probably really obvious and im just dumb, but if you want to change the discipline of your horse, is that something you put in a registration edit request for to make it "official" or... can you just change the disciplines on the mainsite and be good?

    totally not trying to get my disciplines in order

  • Development Committee

    If you're looking to change a horse's discipline, use the discipline change form found here :D

  • Administrators

    Related: please only use the registration edit form to make changes requested of you by the registrar during registration. For changes at any other time please use the forms listed in the 2.5 change forms post (found in Office > Change forms).

    The difference seems arbitrary but different groups of people manage each section, and a registrar will only be confused and unable to help if you send in their registration edit form when your horse is no longer pending registration :)

  • @Mercedes-Hampton Oh, thank you! thats way more useful
    @Elsie-Spectre I figured it wasnt through registration since that seemed a little off, but its the only form i could think of that seemed sort of relevant :'D

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