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  • Congrats on such a successfull carreer and best of luck for the future :heart:

  • OMG! :heart_eyes: I've been admiring your arabians for quite some time now. I'm not really one for leaving comments, but DANG GIRL! :fire: You got some real talent! Each picture is so aesthetically pleasing <3

  • I don't think there's anything new I can say about the beauty of your Arabians... but you just... have this uncanny ability to capture the essence of the breed? Flighty but calm; inquisitive and playful; always elegant. Every picture you make seems to ooze the horse's personality and I love that (possibly a bit too much- it makes me want a hundred of them. A terrifying thought.)

    Samahat's gallery is a real eye-opener; it's amazing to see the progression of your abilities and the development of your style. Also nice just to reminisce- I remember some of those old shots :blush: - and actually just to see someone treasuring a horse for so long. I look forward to many more pictures of the lovely Samahat in the future. ^.^

    (speaking of future pictures- when you are going to delight me us by bringing back your ever-so-charming ponies??? :heart_eyes: I love those little things so much)

  • what a gorgeous arabian omg. what a career! i love your pictures :>

  • you don't know how happy it makes me to see you update your blog :confetti_ball:

    congratulations on electra's last foal! both of them are super special and super adorable. i admire your dedication to electra, too, since all my foundies make me want to push them off a cliff. they have such pretty coats and beautiful eyes :sparkling_heart: (bonus points for the kitties in the background, as well as sim-seren herself bc i love her)

    samahat is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and you really nailed your entry (but when do you not?) <3 it's also really inspirational to see how far she and you have come over the years. that album is precious :sparkles:

  • Wow your arabians are a sight to behold love the pics you done of them. :)

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    I love your ridden showing entries, and congrats on retiring Samahat; she's had an amazing career and she looks well suited to showing; look at her strutting her stuff <3

  • Little Samahat, the super lady. <3 She has done so so well and is all around badass Arabian. <3 I remember when you debuted with her and she is still so so lovely. It was super awesome to see those old pictures of hers - she was still gorgeous all those years back!

  • I am such a slacker at commenting. That foal is just the cutest thing <3 Samhat looks amazing as she always has. I love seeing her around and really enjoyed looking at her Gallery. It's always fun to look back and see how far we have come with our sims.

  • @Annalena-Voigt @Stacy-Michaelson @Ariadne-Waters @Siri-Kane @Alexa-la-Coupe @Shyan-Lamus @Callixta-Rosella @Keegan-Noble @Skye-Valens Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and I'm really sorry for such a late reply and for not replying to each of you individually! :heartbeat: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

    alt text

    I've been away for a little while because I needed some time to myself as one of my babies left for the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago :crying_cat_face: :sob: :broken_heart: :rainbow: but I felt really inspired to make a snowy picture so quickly put this together, this little filly is the foal I posted earlier now 2yrs old she's growing up to be a really pretty lady!

    alt text

    As always thanks for visiting! :sparkling_heart:

  • My sympathies on your loss. I'm sure you are always watched over and have one more guardian angel now :heart:

    As for the picture, your editing is gorgeous as always and the mare is super outstanding! Such a great colour :heart_eyes:

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty :( I am always around if you need someone to talk to <3 Your horses are gorgeous as always.

  • PR Committee

    Oh no not another kitty :sob: that honestly just breaks my heart to read that. Cats are so wonderful in every way. I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. The fact that you've found some time for EC astounds me considering this, but it's good to keep yourself distracted sometimes. On that note your recent edit is stunning as always. I love the essence and caption in your image. Definitely getting some winter vibes :snowflake: The second image of Electra and her babe with the cats fighting really speaks to me. Looks like some chaos that would happen on my farm! I hope your holiday goes a lot better. Sending some positive thoughts your way lady :heart:

  • @Annalena-Voigt Thank you so much Annalena :heart: Yes, I have many precious guardian angels which gives me great comfort :blush:
    @Skye-Valens hugs thank you, and I know <3 I will try come talk to you soon my kitties send purrs and headbutts to you and your precious kitties :sparkling_heart: :cat:
    @Danielle-Maddox Thank you Danielle, sigh I know another kitty...sometimes I think my heart will not survice all this but then I realise they are still with me I just can't see them :heartbeat: Thank you for your sweet words on my pictures, equus has always been a really good distraction from rl for me and I'm so so thankful for that :sparkles:

    Here's a quick edit of the snow ponies (my made up breed) because I realised I can't have a snow picture without snow ponies!! :snowflake:

    alt text

    And a bonus picture of my wall of ribbons just so I can show off my FRICKING amazing Halloween trophy and ribbon!! thank you @Luke-Teth I love it!!

    alt text

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    Oh my look at that trophy collection (and hi kitty!) There's so many! The pumpkin one stands out so well. It's so unique. Luke did a great job!

    The snow ponies look so cute and real! They sure look warm and snug in their blankets. Looking at that picture makes me hope for spring and summer :sunflower:

  • Your edits are jaw-dropping Tasha, the ponies looks outstanding! And then your wall of ribbons... love it. Should make one for myself :P

  • @Danielle-Maddox Thank you, Baby the kitty sends purrs :heart: Aww I'm the opposite I love cold and snow and winter, please no summer yet! :snowflake:
    @Constantine-Vale Aww thank you so much :kissing_cat: Yes please make a wall of ribbons it's so fun to put together! :smiley_cat:

    I was very lucky to win the most beautiful colt at @Nikki-Calvaria Countdown To Christmas Raffle, I'm slightly obsessed with him he's just so pretty! :sparkles:

    Introducing WPW Aphelion, look for him to make his show debut in early 2019!

    alt text

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    He looks STUNNING! I can't wait to see where he goes with you!! :sparkling_heart:

  • he is amazing stuning, a great boy

  • Congrats on winning him and best of luck with him :heart:

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