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  • The day couldn't start better than with a notification that you posted something :heart_eyes_cat:
    So now look at the beautiful girl, I just can say that I really adore your horses, haha.
    But to be honest Pandora Aa stole my heart, such a stunning mare <3

    How are you doing this? I mean each of your horses look fabulous and your pics do it too.. I'm jealous, haha.
    It's also really nice to see such a pretty Sakhr daughter like Enchanted :drooling_face:
    You make me want to own a beautiful grey Arabian.. so I might need to create me one :laughing: Nevertheless I wish you a nice day :3

  • I could spend hours looking at your Arabs :heart_eyes: They all have such gorgeous faces, so gentle and kind. And the shades of grey are just amazing, the dapples, the rose greys, the fleabittens, just marvellous :heart:

  • I don't think I ever commented in your scrapbook and I have no idea why :confused: Time for a change because I secretly stalked your scrapbook for a while now and I just have to say it - Your arabians are absolutely breathtaking D: And so is your editing. I don't know if I will ever be able to pick a favorite (and I gladley don't have to because they are all stunning) but please keep on spoiling us with these great boys and girls and your outstanding editing, m'kay? <3

  • Ohhhh myyy god... you kill me Tasha you really do!

    These pictures are absolutely breath taking. Each and everyone of those grey mares are stunning. I can picture them so easily just running in those large fields of the polish studs! The poses just capture their energy and their gorgeous Arabian poise so beautifully. Just simple yet so good! I'm really thrilled to see you updating again :heart:
    Intense (i know) but it was needed and I am sorry :tired_face:

  • i'm actually speechless 😂 i don't know what else to say except for: wow!

  • Development Committee

    They all look so real, I can't even choose a favourite! :grinning: :heart_eyes:

  • Gorgeous horses and editing :)

  • Outstanding photos and editing as usual! I love Electra Aa, she has such kind eyes <3

  • These profiles are just jaw dropping! Stunning girls!

  • your pictures really are stunning, and i admire your arabians soooo much :heart:
    all your horse carry such a soft and smooth aspect about them, yet they’re full of personality and their own little quirks :star:
    i can’t wait to see what update comes next :eyes:

  • Tequila is my favourite <3

  • Competition Committee

    Looks like I have some catching up to do again here :D
    Please don't look in my stables if WPW Sitka goes missing :rolling_eyes: and those foal pictures! oh my, my heart is melting here <3 and the playing kitties! Well honestly it wouldn't have been a Tasha picture without kitties!

    That ridden showing picture is gorgeous, and the horse too :heart:

    Nooo! not another kitty! I'm so sorry Tasha :crying_cat_face: The snow picture is absolutely gorgeous tho :heart:

    Snowy ponies! I still think you should get those registered here! They are abssolutely gorgeous and so is the picture, as always :heart_eyes:

    Why do all your pictures look so amazing? :sob: Congratulations on WPW Aphelion, he is a beautiful boy :heart:

    Nothing wrong with grey arabian, they are super gorgeous :heart: I think you need to keep a very close eye on Cosmic tho :rolling_eyes:

    :heart_eyes: everything you touch turns into gold! Vladivar is gorgeous, I like seeing how your hoard is expanding too :D

    I think Tequila wants to come live with me, just saying :drooling_face: Again they are all gorgeous :heart:

  • @Rena-Cort @Annalena-Voigt @Maria-Jones @X-tina-Hoxha @Samantha-Jadirea @Neeve-Kalford @Katherine-Star-Ackles Thank you so much for all your sweet comments! :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:
    @Lux-Winscott I don't know what to say :heartbeat: There is no need to come and thank me I thank you for your sweet comment that I admit made my day so much! :kissing_cat: Awww you love cats and Arabs?? This is just the BEST I can see we are going to get along so well, this is amazing a fellow kitty lover!! :cat2: Haha funny you should mention about the poses...I did not spend hours picking each one then deciding that no that wasn't the right one for their personality and then having to re-load my game for like the 10th time hehe! :sparkles: :heart:
    @Siri-Kane Thank you! :heart: None of the Arab profile pictures are edited aside from cutting and pasting them on to my background and a little touch-up/ blurring of the manes as I didn't want to distract from their "sim" beauty :) ! :sparkles:
    @Ronan-Dhall Thank you so much Ronan, your comments never fail to make me smile! :heartbeat: I hope you did go and make that grey Arab, I would love to see him/ her! :D
    @Kira-Kita Thank you, she is a very kind mare I'm so glad you seen that in her picture! :two_hearts:
    @Aliisa-Pohl Thank you so much for your sweet comments it means a lot! :two_hearts:
    @Alex Richards Thank you and yeeees running in the polish fields is how I imagine them too!! :sparkles:
    @Jasmine-Wilkinson Thank you so much!! :two_hearts:
    @Anna-Hertler Hello Anna! :heartbeat: I have some good news and some bad the good news is snow ponies have the green light to come here and be registered... the bad news is that I'm very lazy and haven't got around to registering them yet but sooooon XD Thank you so much for your sweet words, my little cat I lost was one of my oldies, Littlefoot but I know that she is safe now with all my pets I've lost and of course my mom is probably very mad at me for sending her another pet to look after :D I think you will like this next update because it involves PONIES! :two_hearts:

  • With the new year comes new projects, in my case this usually involves falling in love with certain breeds or disciplines then becoming slightly obsessed so please welcome my new pony program - the Bryn Eira Chincoteague pony program! So far I have one stallion and 3 mares but I do have a lot planned so more will be added when I have more time, unlike the Arab profile pictures which were not edited I have given these very quick edits because ponies!!! :smile_cat:

    P.s Arabs will be continuing I just needed a small break from them! :sparkles:

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Thanks for visiting! :heartbeat:

  • OMG they all so cute! :heart_exclamation: Tigerclaw B is my fav

  • They are so beautiful! Their coats are all so detailed. i Just love the texture of all your ponies!

  • I live for Otterwillow! If you do imports or would be interested in a trade, I would so be up for one!

  • i absolutely adore your ponies :heart_exclamation:

  • Just amazing! They are so gorgeous, I love how you gave them personalities, and included it in their picture! I'm just loving your album so much right now!

  • Competition Committee

    Being lazy is bad, very bad! To lazy to get on slack too, ey?
    I don't like the update, I LOVE IT! :heart:
    Is that my name I see on Tigerclaw? yes, yes I believe it is! They are all the cutest and most adorable things ever tho :heart_eyes:

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