|| Agizmo || Jan 16 | Chincoteague Ponies

  • i absolutely adore your ponies :heart_exclamation:

  • Just amazing! They are so gorgeous, I love how you gave them personalities, and included it in their picture! I'm just loving your album so much right now!

  • Competition Committee

    Being lazy is bad, very bad! To lazy to get on slack too, ey?
    I don't like the update, I LOVE IT! :heart:
    Is that my name I see on Tigerclaw? yes, yes I believe it is! They are all the cutest and most adorable things ever tho :heart_eyes:

  • They are all so pretty! <3 :heart_eyes: I LOVE the way you introduced your new ponies as well as the fact that pony breeds get some more love! Simply amazing! <3

  • Oh my gosh I’m in love! :heart: they are so cute and cuddly

  • I love your ponies Tash, they are so cute :)

  • Your ponies are definitely my favourite of all your horses <3 I can't wait to see more of them and you should totally do a sale sometime so i can try and but them all

  • it's not march, i'm not a month and a half late to commenting, and everything is fine. apologies if this gets too long :relieved:

    @Tasha-White said in || Agizmo || Jan 16 | Chincoteague Ponies:

    It makes me excited every time you comment :sob: I'm not the best at writing how I feel, to be honest I'm a lost cause at the whole writing thing but thank you so so much :sparkling_heart: you always manage to make me smile and when I'm having a bad day your sweet words make the whole day so much better :two_hearts: Little filly kind of has a name - I'm a little undecided either Enchanted or Enchantment, I just cant decide and it's driving me insane!

    :scream: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

    no??? thank YOU for your stellar updates and sweet words. your pictures and replies to my comments always make me so happy; you're like the rainbow at the end of a rainstorm. :sparkles:

    have you chosen the filly's name yet? enchanted and enchantment are both perfectly suiting and i honestly couldn't say which i prefer—they're both so pretty! may i propose enchantmented and enchantedment if you can't decide on the first two options? :laughing:

    cosmic's bonus picture made me so excited too!!!! i love him; thank you <3

    vladivar is so pretty! i love how his entry looks so simple and clean, while it's obvious how much effort you put into it. the slight fluffiness of his tail, the detail in his one sock, and his divine coat are all just too much for me to handle at once. you're a wizard, tasha. :chocolate_bar: :sparkles:

    the mares, of course, look gorgeous as well. electra's friendly face and elegant bearing hold a special place in my heart. :sparkling_heart: samah is also super cute?? her coat is a lovely shade of grey and i adore her cute patches of dapples. i really like seweryna too—her pink nose is perfect for kisses and i love how the angle in that picture captures her pretty dish.


    flamepaw and otterwillow are definitely my favorites—their names. are. way. too. cute. :sob: all of their little personality blurbs are really cute as well; tiger's especially got to me and he sounds like such a sweetheart. (in his own way, of course.) flame's coat is so lovely?? i love the little highlight on her underbelly/flank area (i don't know horse anatomy, fight me) and the way you drew her fluffy mane and tail. she's just. so soft. shadowpaw, too!! i adore the shape of her head and her bay coat. and otterwillow's flashy coat is Magnifique™; the contrast in her shading is Just Right and her head shape is quite lovely. bonus points for her cute little ears.

    i'd sell my soul (or what little left i have of one, anyway) for your ponies—i love them to bits :heartpulse:

    (your new icon is adorable, too, by the way)

  • @Tasha-White OHH MY I'm not gonna lie, I got a little emotional seeing these haha! My family is very involved with chincoteague and the salt water cowboys and I can't help but get in my feels seeing them sp beautifully recognised. And Flamepaw looks so much like Surfer Dude ( I even thought it was him at first- my bad), who I'm sure you know is a very well known Chincoteague stallion who passed away very recently and our family loved very dearly. My grandma even owns a foal by him, and I go to chincoteague all the time. And I feel like I can recognised which pony is based off of ;) Stunning horses, honestly. Sorry for a tangent but it hits home for me <3 If you ever have any foals up for sale one day I would love one in my stables

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