|| Agizmo || Jul 25 | New Ponies!

  • I love your ponies, but Foxkit especially is the cutest thing ever :cry: :heart_eyes:

  • Hi. I'm here to pick up Dustleaf. How much? ūüėāūüėā but seriously, I adore you ponies!

  • Oh boy. Dear Tasha this comment is so long overdue!
    I don't really know where to begin! For so long you have been such a huge equus inspiration to me, probably even before I joined (which I think was 2014). Your lovely ponies, cats, Arabians (I think I've said this before, I usually don't love Arabians. But somehow your's are some of the only ones I like, in fact just ridiculously love! :heart:), your amazingly clear pictures which seem to have this shine to them, your wonderful editing, and the way you capture your pictures have blown my mind for so many years. There's this underlying magic and nostalgia hidden beneath your pictures, it's like stepping into this dream dimension (I'm not talking about the lighting mod haha :laughing:), and I just adore it. I wish I could pick a favourite one of your horses. I don't think I could though. Although Seweryna and Pandora have sort of caught my eye, I think though because if you mixed Pandora's fleabitten markings and Seweryna's big blaze and pink nose you would have a coat that looks very similar to my mare's in real life. Oh but now I've just scrolled down and spotted Katiya. Oh no! She's captured my heart, oh gosh!! What a lovely mare Tasha, she has such a softness to her. :hugging:
    Now one more thing, all these Chincoteague ponies you have made are just toooo much. They seem to have this crazy story behind them, like they are owned by pirates or something haha! I mean each individual pony just seems to have this rich story behind them. You've really done a good job in capturing the mystery behind this breed. They are overwhelmingly well made, for example: Dustleaf looks like treasure. And Smokepaw is beyond words, in fact they both are. Anyways, moral of that rambling on is you've done such an amazing job with your Chincoteague ponies. And I'm so excited to see more of them show up.
    Okay well I was able to say a few things. I'm sure as I send this I will think of dozens of other things I meant to put in here as well. Thank you so much for your lovely and dreamy creations you send around equus. :sparkling_heart: :heart:

  • These ponies are so absolutely precious :two_hearts: That beach pic is sooo incredibly realistic, very inspiring! Everything in this blog is gorgeous, your arabians are truly breath taking - you killed it with the realism on these horses!

    Electra is my favorite, she captures the classic white arabian look so perfectly, I have yet to come up with a proper looking arabian myself, these horses just inspire me to keep trying :laughing:

  • I love them all and their warrior cats (?) names - it's very fitting for you! :kissing_cat:
    Foxkit is one unique looking lady, I want to see the other side of her face! I love all their long, wild hair <3
    Hoping to see my favourite :snowflake: :snowflake: grey lady someday :wink:

  • PR Committee

    More ponies please! I love seeing their cute little faces! They are to die for.

  • They are adorable Tasha! <3 The coat on Dustleaf, I'm just speachless :heart_eyes: Teach me your skills! :pray:

  • i just came across your album and oh i'm in love! so much pretty ponies!!! <3 <3

  • Development Committee

    Omg, Tasha! This is unfair, they are all so adorable! I love how you give every single one of them their own personality, and it makes me feel more interested to know more about everyone. They all look stunning, but to be honest, Foxkit stole a piece of my heart. She is truly gorgeous; I love her face :two_hearts: Lucky Adriana that gets to spend so much time with these ponies!! I wish I sold myself to you instead, so I could be there too :sob: :see_no_evil:

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