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  • Seren Farm (Fancy header will appear here soon)

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  • I had huge plans of making this all fancy but if I wait to do this I will never post any pictures in here so I have reserved the posts for when I'm feeling more ambitious. :smiley_cat: So I guess, welcome to my new blog! My first post on my old scrapbook was of an Arab so keeping to tradition here's a few random shots from my Arab save!

    First up Farashah!
    alt text

    Shiraz enjoying the first snow!
    alt text

    Samah - daughter of Samahat, and made in memory of my mom so a pretty special girl! :two_hearts:
    alt text

    Speaking of Samahat here she is being her usual sassy self!
    alt text

    Unnamed 3yo Polish baby!
    alt text

    Seweryna! (Samahat on the left)
    alt text

    And of course I couldn't start my blog without cats..Baby and Lucky! :two_hearts:
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    Expect more random pictures, maybe even an edit or two if I have time, thanks for visiting! To all the staff - love the new forum, thank you so much for all your hard work! =^_^=

  • Ooooh the Arabs are sooo pretty! And cute kitties too <3

  • Breed Committee

    WHOO!!! TASHA ARABS!! <3 been too long since we've seen these beauties!

  • Your horses are outstanding :heart_eyes:

  • Your horses are stunning! Love to snow pictures :D

  • Oh what beautiful horses! They look so real!

  • So glad to see your posts on this forum again! I've missed seeing your Arabians. They have the sweetest faces. I just want to snuggle them all.

  • Your Arabs are always stunning :heart: also love the cute kitties!

  • Tasha, I've missed you and your pretty pons for way too long! <3 I hope you're doing well - hope we can chat soon :blush:

  • Beautiful horses and the cats are so cute!

  • Gorgeous Arabs and pretty kitties, what else do we need? :kissing_cat:

  • Banned

    You have beautiful arabian horses! :blush: And cats in snow are nice <3

  • @Nadia-Kilian, @Constantine-Vale , @Serena-Bass , @Anzhelika-Shabanova , @Effie-Phoenix , @Callixta-Rosella, @Ann-Salina Thank you so much! :heart:

    @Lythaera-Bohm YES, expect more Arabs soon! :heart:
    @Johanna-Masters Aww thank you, I have missed my Arabs too, so much! :heart:
    @Skye-Valens :heart: :heart: I had to sneak kitties in somewhere! ;)
    @Mandy-McAvoy Aww Mandy!! I missed you too, so glad to see you back! :two_hearts:

  • Your arabians are so adorable, Tasha! If our Zeus (Sahra Illah al Shams) ever returns from Bree, we might totally need an arabian buddy from you :kissing_smiling_eyes:

  • Competition Committee

    Wow! Your arabians are to die for! And those kitties are so cute wandering around in the snow :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Look at all the pretty arabs and cats here, can I come and live with you Tasha? <3 Hnngh, I swear looking at your arabs, ponies and warmbloods always makes me want to have more horses bred by you! I don't know how you do it but they're all so amazing and unique and aaah, gimme your skills..pls.. I'll kidnap Dean for you instead :-*

  • I haven't opened my es horse game in a long time but I noticed that Nikki was holding a endurance challenge and somehow it gave me so much inspiration that I had to get an entry done! (thank you @Nikki-Calvaria :heart: ) it was really fun to edit this even though I haven't edited in like a hundred years! This girl is not even an endurance horse but she's been Tasha's faithful companion these past few months so it was fitting she was the horse she chose.
    alt text

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