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  • Southern Pines' Horse Sales

    Welcome to Southern Pines' horse sales!

    I will add our most quality homebreds here. I am so excited to get some SPEC babies out into the ES world as I have so few of them out there now. Most of my horses are eventers, show jumpers, and dressage horses. I will be dabbling in other disciplines too, so be on the watch for those if the disciplines I have are not what interests you. More photos of these horses are available upon request. Please DM on Equus or message Farrah Lockwood on Slack for more photos Most of these horses have little to no showing experience, they are ready for someone to start building their careers unless otherwise noted :)

    I do have a few rules that I ask to be abided by:

    • I ask that all horses are kept active. They must be active in R shows at least. Blog photos, Roleplay, and other shows that involve photos would be nice but not necessary as long as they are actively showing in the R shows.
    • Please do not alter their coats in any way other than adding/removing/changing shine markings or mane/tail style. If you are missing markings please come to me and I will try to help you get the markings needed. If we can not find the marking we will figure out another option.
    • Do not change the horse's name or prefix. If you do not like the given name, please just ask. I will be happy to accept your request, but for my records I need to be informed. The prefix should not be changed under any circumstances.
    • Breeding, leasing, selling is absolutely fine! I would like first right of refusal before selling though.
    • If for some reason you can not keep the horse, I will gladly take them back. If you are going on hiatus, please let me know. I can help you enter the horse in shows to keep it active without reclaiming ownership.
    • If you can keep the horse active but do not feel my price is reasonable or do not have it to spend on a horse, make an offer in your application. Please do not low-ball as this is only one of a few ways I can make some cash myself :)
    • If you have read the rules please put the name of your favorite song in the application.

    SPEC Code Blue
    alt text
    Edited Photo
    CAS photo
    4 Year Old. 2nd Gen. American Paint Horse x TB. Bay Splash. Stallion. +4 Eventing. Dressage.

    "Cody" is out of Katsura d'Auroy x SPEC Out of the Blue. Both of his parents have been showing in eventing, giving Cody +4 in eventing. Cody is also an amazing dressage prospect. Cody is a lovely stallion. He has his father's gentle nature and acts more like a gelding than a stud. He is still learning the ropes of his job, so a patient trainer is a must. He is pending registration and will be showing Eventing and Dressage.

    SPEC Montevallo!
    alt text
    CAS photo

    4 Year Old. Foundation. Thoroughbred. StallIon. Grey. Eventing. Show Jumping. 0 Points.

    "Monte" is a pretty peppy boy. He lives up to the Thoroughbred sterotype. He loves to gallop! Show Jumping and Cross Country being his strong points. He needs work with dressage and learning that life is not always best in the fast lane. He is very respectful on the ground. Although under saddle he can be a bit spooky. He will need a rider with a sense of humor as he is the class clown of the stable. He is registered and we are currently waiting the results of his first eventing and show jumping shows.

    SPEC Lumiere
    alt text
    Confo photo
    5 Year Old. Foundation. Thoroughbred. Stallion. Chestnut. 7 pts in Show Jumping.

    "Lumi" is a wonderful young stallion with tons of potential. He is a fiery red head. He loves to goof off. He always plays pranks such as unlatching his stall door, stealing hats off of people, and playing "catch me" in the pasture. When he is under saddle he is all work. He is a packer and will take you straight over a jump as long as you point him in the right direction. He would suit a rider looking to work hard to move up the levels. He has the heart to be champion, he definitely needs someone who has the same dream.


  • Beautiful ponies :) Had to apply

  • Thank you! So glad to get some of my babies out in the world!

  • All horses still available and looking for homes 😊

  • hello,

    I am so new to this sorry if I am sounding stupid. I am really interested in your mare for sale how will i transfer the money to you. and how can I tell how much money I have. Thanks! Again sorry for sounding stupid.

  • @Jimmy-Sutherland If you are registered on the main site ( then you can go to my account and you will have a profile and it will show how much money you have :) I am sorry I am terrible at explaining but I can help you get started if you need :)

  • @Farrah-Lockwood Awesome I'll go sign up rn. I am absolutely in love wit your mare for sale!

  • Hey!
    (Knight of Cydonia) SPEC Corollaire is absolutely lovely!
    I would love to buy her :-)

  • @Lily-Venson Just fill out an application please :D

  • Oh sorry I didn't see the form ^^

  • SPEC Ashford is sold! Several other horses looking for their homes :)

  • SPEC Code Blue
    SPEC Lumiere
    SPEC Montevallo

    Are all available and have 0 applicants!

    SPEC Corollaire has found her new home!

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