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    Singaro, Aegidienberger stallion

    The Aegidienberger is a small gaited riding horse from Germany. Like the Icelandic horse, it can naturally perform a gait known as the tölt. They were developed in Aegidienberg and first recognized as a breed in 1994.
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    Aegidienberger stallion, Paquito
    The first generation, generation F1, was born after crossbreeding a pure Peruvian Paso stallion with a pure Icelandic mare. The F1 generation was than crossbred with a pure Icelandic horse, this resulted in the R1 generation. Finally the generations F1 and R1 were crossed and the modern Aegidienberger was born: a 5/8 crossbreed between Icelandic horse and Peruvian Paso, with 5/8 Icelandic blood and 3/8 Peruvian blood.

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    Stallion Priore von Aegidienberg
    Group - saddle horse (too big for pony, definitely not baroque).
    Base - Bay, Black, Chestnut, Seal Brown, Wild Bay
    Modifiers - Dun, Single Cream, Double Cream, Sooty, Flaxen, Pangare, Silver
    White - Splash, Tobiano, Roan, Sabino/White Spotting
    Appaloosa - no
    Gray - yes
    Outcrosses - Paso fino, Icelandic

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    Aegidienberger stallion, Mr. Spock

  • You've said that this is a cross between Peruvian Paso and Icelandic but then list Paso Fino as an outcross. Is this an error? Did you mean Peruvian Paso? I would also like to know what restrictions there are on the result from a cross. Must it still be 5/8ths-3/8ths to qualify?

  • Yes, it was just my mistake. It's peruvian paso. As far as I know, most of Aegidenbergers are 5/8 but simple outcrosses still apply.
    It can be F1 (paso x icelandic) or R1 (f1 x icelandic) or R1 x F1.

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