[ENDED] Titled Horses

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    Hi, I've decided to sell all my horses as I don't have anymore time for Equus and I'm moving onto sims 4 cc. I won't come back so all horses are free to active homes please (just in R shows) <3 Some of my horses are titled in their disciplines. :) I want the best homes for them please.

    ♛ Don't change name or coat. If you can't find the marking replace to a very similar one.
    ♛ Please keep them active as most of them have titles and points.
    ♛ Don't apply if you're going to sell them straight after just for the money.
    ♛ Name your favorite color in the application so that I know that you have read my rules.
    ♛ Feel free to change their barn names and photos.
    ♛ Three horses per person is the limit.

    RME Maple | Eventing Local Champion | Dutch Warmblood | Mare | 12yo SOLD
    Bugatti WM | Show Jumping Local Champion | Trakehner |Gelding | 12yo
    RGES Caspian Caspar | NOT REGISTERED | Warlander | Stallion | 15yo
    RGES Holst Guzman | NOT REGISTERED | Irish Sport Horse | Gelding | 7yo
    RGES Charlie Brown | Level 2 in Pony Show Jumping | Shetland Pony | Gelding | 10yo
    WHEC Othello | Eventing Regional Champion | Trakehner | Stallion | 10yo SOLD
    HG Bentley | Dressage Regional Champion | Danish Warmblood | Stallion | 7yo SOLD
    The Meanest Thing | Western Dressage Regional Champion | Welsh Pony (Section B ) | Stallion | 7yo RETURNED TO CREATOR
    RGES Cathmor Torin (photo by previous owner) | Registered | PRE (Andalusian) | Stallion | 4yo SOLD


    Horse name: Application numbers:
    RME Maple 1
    Bugatti WM 1
    RGES Caspian Caspar -
    RGES Holst Guzman -
    RGES Charlie Brown -
    WHEC Othello 1
    HG Bentley -
    The Meanest Thing 1
    RGES Cathmor Torin 1

  • Hi everyone! the following horses have been won:
    RGES Cathmor Torin - @Andrea-Burdine
    RME Maple - @Borja-Domecq
    WHEC Othello - @Andrea-Burdine
    Please pm me your emails so I can send their files <3

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