Aging system?

  • hi guys! I'm new to ES and I'd like to become active here.

    But what about the aging system? How many irl months for 1 year for example?

    Also, could someone explain how all the pedigrees work or is there a special topic for that?

  • Development Committee

    Welcome to Equus Community! :smile:

    While we don't enforce the aging system currently, the general system is 4 rl months = 1 Equus year.

    Pedigrees are just something you can make up completely for your horse's profile, or if you get a foal from another member or breed one yourself, you'd write in the parents' names. If you're breeding and filling in pedigrees with registered horses on the forum, you have the opportunity for pedigree bonuses. (for bonuses, parents must be registered and titled at least once) Someone can probably explain pedigrees better than I can xD

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