[SOLD] West Haven Walkers Spring Sale

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    Hello, and welcome to the spring sale of West Haven Walkers! Every so often we try to encourage the community to become more involved in Saddle Seat Disciplines, and the Tennessee Walking Horse by doing a small sale. It took weeks of looking over pedigrees, show histories, and vet visits, but our foal crop has finally arrived. I have selected two foals from this year's crop which I felt would make anyone interested a great addition to their herd. Whether you are a long-time gaited horse breeder, or simply interested in getting involved either of these foals would be an excellent choice.


    • Please ask me if you no longer want the horse, I am more than happy to buy it back at the purchase price, and if points have been acquired I will adjust the price to compensate you for your hard work
    • Don't change my prefix
    • Don't change the name of the horse
    • Change w/e you need as far as reg. goes, but please don't alter the horse so they are not recognizable
    • Don't steal my work: coat/confo and so on
    • I would really like these horses to go to show homes, so please do not apply if you intend to go inactive
    • Hit the ^ mark at the bottom if you've read these

    WHW Gambler's Lucky Gun
    Gambler's Lucky Draw x WHW Pearl Handled Pistol
    (+5 Country Pleasure, +3 English Pleasure)

    0_1496177767294_Gamblers Lucky Gun Foal2SALE IMAGE.png

    ->Album -- If more photos are needed please let me know

    Gunner is an easy going colt who will follow you around all day. He bathes, clips, loads, and stands for the farrier. He is currently unshod, and has been started under saddle. This colt is willing to please, always listening, and always thinking. He has a nice, natural running walk. He is an excellent prospect for Country Pleasure / English Pleasure or both. His sire is one of my favorite horses, and if I did not already have a few colts out of him this guy would be staying at West Haven. His sire has 85 points in Country Pleasure and is still showing, and has only been entered in 12 shows from year 10 to now, of those twelve shows there have been only 2 he has not placed in. His dam has 43 Country Pleasure points and 43 English Pleasure points and is also still showing, his grandparents are also in the show ring still and have multiple titles/points. His dam goes back to my first foundation stallion, WHW Nightshade who has yet to produce a foal that has not reached a title. I can not speak enough good things about this cross. This colt promises to be a serious competitor in the show ring and a looker on the trail. Don't pass him up!

    WHW Moonlight Duet
    Fly Me to the Moon x WHW Modern Mantra
    (+4 Park Pleasure, +1 English Pleasure, +1 Fine Harness)

    0_1496183645025_Mooonlight Duetfoal 2.png

    Album -- If more photos are needed please let me know

    Hera is definitely full of personality and will keep you on your toes. This filly is very affectionate, and has a goofball attitude, always getting into things she shouldn't be and yet standing for hugs afterward. She needs someone who has a sense of humor and some patience to really click with her as she will at times push the boundaries. Hera comes to you with the ability to bathe, be clipped, load, and stands for the farrier. She is currently unshod, and has been started under saddle. She has a nice, natural running walk, with a high-stepping action which would make her an excellent prospect for Park Pleasure / English Pleasure or even Fine Harness. Her sire has been recently retired from showing, proving to be a better stud than a show horse he boasts 3 colts who all have titles and points to show for it, one of them reaching over 100 points and has become one of my best show horses. If I do not find a home for this filly she will definitely be staying at West Haven. Her dam has 86 Park Pleasure points and 30 Fine Harness points and is also still showing. OF the 36 shows the dam has been entered in she has placed in over half of them. This filly is going to go far, with looks, style and everything in between. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

  • Just a reminder for everyone applying, please make sure to read the rules <3

  • Hello everyone! I want to thank the many people who applied for these foals I could not have been more pleasantly surprised and honored to have so much interest in my Tennessee Walkers. <3

    Without further ado!
    WHW Gambler's Lucky Gun: Cathleen Howe
    WHW Moonlight Duet: Lucca Jager

    please send me payment and I will send you the horses! They will come with main site profiles and pre-registered!

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