[Open] Blind Criollo Imports

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    Criollos! Criollos! Criollos! I want to see more of these horses everywhere.
    Criollos are primarily seen ridden western, but can practice many other disciplines. If you have interest in jumping or dressage, they can be a good partner to start competitions as long as you don't ask them to jump 4'5 or have the extended trot of a KWPN. They're hardy little guys who max out at about 15HH, and are known for their endurance.

    General rules apply
    ➤ Do not change gender, coat or conformation (aside from gelding) without permission.
    ➤ HD/Shine/Shade/Clips/etc may be changed at any time, along with manes and tails.
    ➤ Do not mass distribute or share the horse or markings with others, please! I made them for you, not everyone.
    ➤ Please do not use the horse or coat as a template for other horses.
    ➤ Keep my Prefix (WM) and do not add your own prefix or suffix
    ➤ Horses must be registered realistically

    other than that these are just to have fun with! I'd love to see them shown, but I don't require it. Here are the disciplines and colors of the Criollo:

    Each horse comes with custom white markings and a mainsite profile! Discipline is up to you. These will be completely blind, aside from being able to choose the amount of white you want. One import per person per order. please! You may re-order as many times as you wish, though. Please only send payment after your horse is finished!


    Solid - 10K

    small facial markings and socks included in this. (non custom) roans as well.

    Minimal - 15k

    minimal sabino/overo and white spotting

    Loud - 20k

    Extensive body white. Max sabino, overo etc. Possibly custom roan, we'll see how badly that goes though!


    Raw List

    Westen's Forget Me Not Westen's Dead Drop, owned by Jessi Dean
    Imgur img
    Imgur Imgur
    Westen's Maserati, owned by Flora Healy Westen's Hot Spot, owned by Samantha Jadirea

    I promise I'll pose and take better pictures of any new imports :') these were just the ones i had at hand!

  • WM End Run

    Blue roan overo for @Heather-Tann !

  • @Cat-Shepherd wow what a beauty!!

  • @Remi-Clarke Thank you!!

  • Competition Committee

    I love him!! :D

  • WM Besieged
    alt text

    seal bay mare for @Kassidi-Coy-Lutz ! (she's got a cute lil snip you cant see cuz i made a smart decision when posing her LOL)

    WM Split Decision
    alt text

    palomino minimal sabino mare for @Rebecca-Wall !

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