[ENDED] Rosewood Center Gypsy Vanner Auction

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    Gypsy Vanners are a stunning, gentle breed that have a special place at Rosewood. These horses are excellent competitors in the less popular shows on Equus, such as Draft Horse Showing and TREC, but can also achieve high levels in many Western and English disciplines. Vanners can be nearly any color, providing an endless amount of possibilities for coats and patterns. Today we are offering many different and colorful Vanners in an effort to help promote the breed.


    Horse must keep my prefix. Show name may be changed if asked.
    Must be registered within one equus year.
    Please use my ID (9711) when registering the horse.
    Please notify me if you plan to sell, I may want them back!
    Keep the horse active! I want to see them around.
    Do not change the coat, other than shine markings or anything similar. Minor conformation tweaks may be made. Mane and tail styles may be changed.
    I reserve the right to cancel this auction at any time.

    NOTE: My game has a problem with rendering, so the horses look grainy for whatever reason. They look much better in my CAP, and likely much better in the new owner's game.

    Rosewood’s Equinox
    Bay Roan (Ee/AA/nRn) Stallion
    alt text
    Equinox is a spirited boy, full of pep and sass. He is not badly behaved, but does everything with a flourish and can sometimes become unfocused. He will require a rider who can keep him interested. Equinox likes to work, and we highly recommend that he be competed in TREC, as other disciplines may bore him. He likes to be a part of a herd, so we would like to see him go to a home where he will have pasture buddies.

    STARTING BID: $8,000
    AUTOBUY: $20,000

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    CAP Image of Pentatonic to show how my game ruins quality -> http://imgur.com/a/b2Z5g

  • Rosewood’s Pentatonic SB

  • PR Committee

    Accepted! ;D

    Last Bid: 2:25pm EST 6/1

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    Pentatonic goes to @Lidija-Rotherford ! Shoot me a DM ;D

    Equinox is still available!


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    Last Bid at 11:26am EST

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    Whoops! Little late here.

    Equinox goes to @Duri-Mose! Send me a DM ;D

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