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    Sooo... Today I'm coming back with another eventing obstacle xD This time is not really a jump, it's more like a bridge kind of thing, where you can place other jumps or decoration. It can be placed on a lake or by itself although I made it to be placed on a lake, but works either ways. To place objects on it you need to use OMSP, otherwise you won't be able to. It comes with two textures, one with a sand/dirt type of thing and another one with just grass texture on top. Can be found in the horses section. Link
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    Recently added some XC courses to my facilities, along with some new eventers so I have to say these obstacles came out just in time! Thank you for sharing them with us :two_hearts:

  • OMG!!!! The bridge is something I've always wanted to have in game and I'm terrible at building so trying to make one using tricks etc with the ground level was impossible but now I can finally build a XC course I love!!! Your amazing!!

  • Thank you so much for these amazing eventing obstacles can’t wait to add them to my xc course!

  • These obstacles are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  • this is amazing, now i can update my xc course :D thankyou for sharing them <3

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    Today I'm back with an appaloosa marking for your horses. Shown at full opacity on a black coat, can be found in the body section with custom icon. Enjoy! :D Link
    alt text alt text
    I am super duper happy you liked my eventing obstacles so much, I really apreciate it <3

  • wow i love them. pls make more

  • It's me again, with more markings yass. This time I bring you a Sabino Roan type of marking, completely drawn by hand in 4k, one channel marking with custom icon found in the body section. I hope you like it :D Link
    alt text alt text

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