♦Yeguada Xantre CC♦ [2017 Shine marking]

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    What can you find here?
    I create almost any kind of CC, markings, poses, horse tack, retextures, templates, coats... Markings like dapple grey or shine/detail won't be really published here, but tobiano, overo and similar ones yes.

    Please always give me credit if someone asks about the CC you are using, don't claim as your own, making CC is something I enjoy doing on my free time, so if people claims my CC as their own I will just stop publishing any kind of CC here. You can retexture MY CC, meaning that if I get permission to retexture another member's creation, it doesn't mean you can also do it. Ideas are always welcomed. Don't use my content as base to create yours as long as you don't have permission for it.


    Sneak peek of my next poses for baroque horses. alt text

    Markings Preview
    Warmblood shine marking

  • I'm looking forward to these :)

  • New shine marking for warmblood type horses. Tested on a black horse with no other shine markings except for the head one. Download link is on my website.

  • Ohh! Thanks :)

  • Thank you Shannon! <3

  • Wow ! Thank you so much ! :heart:

  • Thank you, it looks lovely :)

  • Thank you for the new shine marking. :D

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