[ENDED] Dressage Regional Champion

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    Hi! I have decided to move on to sims 4 cc but i need a new home for my horse, I don't want him to go to waste because he is a regional champion in dressage.

    ♛ Don't change name or coat. If you can't find the marking replace to a very similar one.
    ♛ Please keep him active as he has titles and points.
    ♛ Put your favorite color your bid so that I know that you have read my rules.
    ♛ Feel free to change their barn names and photos.

    HG Bentley
    Bentley is a solid and gorgeous stallion with an kind personality. He has done very well at Rose Gold Eagles Stud with earning $2,120 in a short period of time. We prefer to show him in dressage as he gets a bit fresh and strong in jumping and eventing. He would suit an more advanced rider as he is still fairly young and is a stallion. We haven't bred him yet but we know that he will make stunning offsprings and he has 1 pedigree bonus.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Unedited photos as I can't get photoshop to work

    SB - $3,000
    Or best offer for auto-buy

  • SB - lime green!

  • @Cat-Shepherd accepted :)

  • Congrats @Cat-Shepherd! You have won HG Bentley for $3,000. <3

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