[SOLD] Andalusian Mare

  • Rules (example by Jessica Owens & Borja Domecq):

    • Do not put the horse up for mass download.
    • Prohibited to use our template for personal use.
    • You must keep our prefix (de Urquijo).
    • You can not change horse's conformation, coat colour and gender.
    • Missing markings may be replaced.
    • You can not change horse's mane & tail colour, however the style may be changed.
    • Add "Honeypie" into your application
    • The horses are to be registered realistically and with my creator number #3300.(Borja Domecq)
    • Notify me before selling the horse (just so I can keep track of it).
    • Be creative in your application
    • This horse have a main site profile

    Jaramba de Urquijo
    1_1496490000048_Screenshot-128.jpg 0_1496490000047_Screenshot-120.jpg

    Jaramba is a lovely 7,5 year old mare. She has 16.5 hh and is a grey (black based) andalusian mare with a big potential in dressage. At the moment she haven't any points in her discipline.

    price: 12k

    I hope someone will give her a chance

    PS: Please send me the application via pm

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