Problem Registering Horse

  • I have been trying to sort this out for about 2 weeks now and I have had no success.

    I have a horse, Ocean Pearl's Bambi Bee #20790, who was registered as a thoroughbred on 2.0 before I purchased her. She is not on the approved horses list and she is listed as unregistered in the lookup tool. I tried to "re-register" her and it was rejected saying she was already registered. But she isn't..and I can't show her until this is sorted. She is not listed anywhere as registered except on the main site.

    I have filled out a 2.0 Transfer error form, 2.5 error form, and a registration edit request form and so far I have not heard anything.

    Is there someone I can contact to get this sorted?

  • Breed Committee

    The transfer error form is all you should have to fill out. Your horse is showing up as already registered when put through the Breed Committee/registration queue as we see the stamp on the profile...which means it is already registered somewhere. Maybe try the form again? I'm sure it was just a simple error (we are all humans, after all)
    Edit - the raw list of the transfer error shows they haven't even gotten to looking at your horse yet, maybe just wait a bit?

  • Ok I will wait a bit and see what comes back on the transfer error form. I only filled that out a few days ago as I hadn't realized her registration from 2 weeks ago had been rejected. I originally tried submitting her for registration on the 17th and I just don't want to miss the next show

  • Breed Committee

    Yeah I understand that you don't want to miss any shows. The transfer error form can take a little while to go through sometimes, so just be patient - I'm sure it'll all be fine after that :smile:

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